5 Days Before Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

Last Monday afternoon, I did a speed run around the neighborhood covering at least two blocks and this session was an impulsive action on my part just to test if I still have some speed on my legs. It had been months that I did not have this kind of speed drill due to the fact that I concentrated much on my endurance for the San Francisco Marathon and lately, for my first ultramarathon trail run this Saturday. The streets in the neighborhood is relatively flat with some ascending portions and I thought I could make some sprints along the sidewalk. And I did!

One loop has an average distance of 850 meters as my GF 305 registers 845 to 870 meters on those repetition runs I did. I was surprised to see that I averaged 4:30 minutes per kilometer on my pace for the whole speed session. I did eight (8) repetitions of the loop with at least 200-300-meter recovery runs in between reps. I was happy and surprised that I still have that speed with my legs and I guess, I am becoming faster with my average speed.

Last Tuesday noontime, I left the house for a brisk walking towards Fargo Street. I decided not to run from the house but I made sure I acclimatize myself with the heat of the sun at noontime to prepare myself for the trail run this Saturday. For the past days, I’ve been doing this workout by running during noontime. As soon as I reached the foot of Fargo Street, I slowly jogged into it up to its peak and slowly jogged again downhill. While I was drinking my water from my jug, I found out from the other side of the road that there is another road which is longer and steeper than the Fargo Street that I’ve known. I realized that the road I was looking at was the road Ben Gaetos had suggested me to try. Fargo Street with Alessandro Street as its crossing, not Fargo Street with Glendale Boulevard as its crossing!

A view of Fargo Street from Alessandro Street

A view of Fargo Street from its peak. 

Anyway, I went to the said road and I am sure that this is the steepest road that I’ve seen in my life! It is 165 meters long with approximately 50-60 degrees gradient! I slowly jogged through it from its base to its peak using my forefoot, not midfoot, without stopping, making my calves burned and stretched/tight. On my third run along the road, a Mercedes Benz car passing on my side had to shift to a lower gear with ten meters remaining from the peak of the road! This road is really very steep! I did four times in going up to the peak of this road and made it with an average of 2 minutes and 30 seconds per repetition.

From Fargo Street, I made a slow jog to Echo Park and later proceeded back to the house. I did 10 + kilometers of brisk walking, jogging at Fargo Street, Echo Park and back to the house after almost two hours.

In the afternoon, my daughter brought me to Trader’s Joe to buy my energy bars which are “gout-free” (no chocolate & peanut/nut ingredients) which will serve as my food during the Bulldog Run.

Yesterday early evening, I had my Thai Massage and slept early last night.

I just learned from the Los Angeles Times this morning that the predicted temperature this Saturday will be 74/64 degrees Fahrenheit (High/Low). This is a good news as I am expecting the temperature to reach up to mid-90s during race day. Today is my Yoga session from my P90X program. Tomorrow will be devoted to more stretching session and eating more food rich in carbohydrates.

It is really coming…my first ultramarathon trail run at the age of 56 years old!

Whatever it takes, I love running…and I enjoy life to its fullest!


5 thoughts on “5 Days Before Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

  1. kingofpots

    levyang, thanks! there is no problem about the recap of this race but i can’t promise you good pictures during my run/race.

    rayabe, thanks! this is it! another level of running experience!

    highaltitude, finishing my first ultra will be the main objective..i will carry TNF for the trail shoes only! hahaha! thanks!

    bards, i really like your positive attitude in running and i am predicting you as a future ultramarathon runner, too and i am very sure of this! thanks!


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