Zero Medal For The 2008 Pinoy Olympic Team

Our last athlete competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in taekwando just lost her game few minutes ago. No medal for us in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

That’s it! My prediction came true and it very sad to know that the Philippines is zero in medal earnings for the past three (3) Olympic Games.

Very sad!…Quo vadis, Philippine sports?

6 thoughts on “Zero Medal For The 2008 Pinoy Olympic Team

  1. BR,

    can you do something on this?
    well, at least, you’ve been an officer in the Philippines Army and i believe you still have the influence to be an agent of change of the sport in the Philippines…


  2. Hi there brother, it is sad about the medals, South Africa only got one this year and that is sad to, I dont know what is worse to get none or to get just one. Maybe in 4 years time? Are you back in the Philippines yet or still in the States?


  3. witchkitty, i know that there is support from the government but i think our athletes need some more other than cash rewards when they win. thanks for the visit & comment.

    highaltitude, i did it when i was the chairman & project officer of the dnd-afp gintong pangarap for marathon but i received “lukewarm” support from the people in the government and private entities. however, i might start doing something in my hometown and province to promote distance running. thanks!

    foreignrunner, it could been better if we won, at least, one bronze as an improvement from the two previous olympic games where we got none. now, we added another 4 years for a zero medal performance in the 2008 beijing olympic games. it is really sad..very sad! i am still in the US & will be running my 1st 50K ultra trail run tomorrow! thanks!


  4. baldrunner … I did not realize you were in the Philippine army. My grandfather was a general in the Philippine Army but he probably retired (early 1970s) before you even joined the Army. His name is Domingo Tucay. I’m not sure if you would have met him. He lives in San Francisco these days. He is 89 years old but can still walk 7 miles per day! Fighting in Bataan and walking the death march can sure help in terms of lifelong endurance.

    The Philippines is probably the third largest country in terms of population to not win a medal so far in these games. The last time I looked, Pakistan and Bangladesh still have not won medals in Beijing.


  5. workaholic, your grandpa was the 1st CG of the 2nd Infantry Division, PA and I was about to enter the Academy when he retired. i’ve never met him and i am glad that he is still strong to walk 7 miles a day with his age. i hope to be like him with such strength at his age. at least, we are better off than pakistan and bangladesh because of the US-influence that we have. unfortunately, something is wrong somewhere why we can’t produce an elite athlete for us to have our 1st gold medal in the olympic games.


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