“The Same Story Goes On And On”

The reason why I could easily predict what these politicians, sports officials, columnists, and sports fans would say and do is because I have read and heard the same story (plans, strategy, actions and what have you) repeated over and over every time we don’t win any medal in the Summer Olympics.

Read the following news story…Very sad, indeed! Continue reading

Opinion: On Philippine Sports

The column below by Mr Recah Trinidad shows his dismay in the dismal performance of our athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games through the comments he got from sports fans and from his friends. It seems also that our athletes were just used to represent our country in the Olympic Games and thereby letting our sports officials, politicians, and their friends/supporters to have a “free ride” to watch the Olympic Games in behalf of the government’s and taxpayers’s money.

I made a prediction that the Philippine Team will not win any medal this time for the simple reason that our athletes’ qualifications before the Games are not considered within the Category “A” of Olympic Standards which means that there are more elite athletes on top of them and our athletes are not even Gold Medalists in the past Asian Games. And the other reasons are just personal impressions and opinion from what I have read, heard, seen and personally experienced. Continue reading

Zero Medal For The 2008 Pinoy Olympic Team

Our last athlete competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in taekwando just lost her game few minutes ago. No medal for us in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games!

That’s it! My prediction came true and it very sad to know that the Philippines is zero in medal earnings for the past three (3) Olympic Games.

Very sad!…Quo vadis, Philippine sports?

Team Running USA & Philippine Sports

This is one of the privately-managed distance running projects in the USA today. This sports project on the training of the elite runners of USA complements the vision and objectives of the Brooks-Hansons Distance Project and the Project Oregon of NIKE which I featured in this blog for the past weeks.

Team Running USA has Deana Kastor and Ryan Hall as their top athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, Deana Kastor was DNFd in the last Sunday’s 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon. Hopes for a good accomplishment of this sports project in the Olympic Men’s Marathon lies now on the legs and shoulders of Ryan Hall.

These three sports projects—Team Running USA (Mammoth Lakes, California), Brooks-Hansons Distance Project (Rochester Hills, Michigan), and the NIKE’s Project Oregon (Eugene, Oregon) where one had been created as early in 1999 and the latest one was created six years ago. The vision of these projects is to bring back the USA elite athletes into long distance running supremacy in the sports world. These projects were also geared on discovering why the Africans are the best in running long distance events and eventually aiming to beat them. Continue reading

Conversation With My Son

After John Paul picked me up at the Malibu Creek State Park last Saturday noon, I started telling him about my early prediction for the 2008 Philippine Olympic Team of not being able to win or bring home our first Gold Olympic Medal. This was the details of the conversation:

John Paul: Dad, why does the Philippines give so much attention/importance and reward for the Filipino athletes to win and bring home a Gold Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games?

Bald Runner: We don’t have any gold medal yet and it is for the country’s national pride. Continue reading