Day # 1: P90X & 10K Run

Day # 1: P90X—Chest & Back (06 August 2008)

After preparing for the tools (push-up grips; elastic band; 20-lb dumbbells; water; & towel) needed for my first day of exercises, I played the DVD that goes with the program on my laptop and followed the exercises being done by the demonstrators. The first day schedule is devoted to the CHEST AND BACK muscles. I started at 10:00 AM and supposed to finish the exercises in one (1) hour if I strictly follow the tempo of the demonstrators.

After almost 5 minutes of warm-up exercises and stretching of the shoulders, neck, and the arms, the following exercises were followed with the following number of repetitions I performed:

1) Standard Push-up (SPU)—25 reps

2) Wide Front Pull-Up (WFPU)—25 reps. I could not use the Chinning Bar which is supposed to be fitted on our doors because of our wider door frames, instead, I used my Extra Heavy Elastic Band clipped on the door of my room. I had to pull the elastic band to my chest

3) Military Push-Up (MPU)—20 reps. My shoulder muscles are starting to get “burned” & numbed after this exercise. I started to sweat!

4) Reverse Grip Chin-Up (RGCU)—25 reps (using the Elastic Band). After this exercises, I had a two-minute break for stretching and shaking of arms. I started to drink water and wipe my sweat with a towel.

5) Wide Fly Push-Up (WFPU)—15 reps (distance between arms is wider than the standard/military push-up)

6) Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Up (CGOPU)—25 reps (using the Elastic Band)

7) Decline Push-Up (DPU)—10 reps (feet elevated on chair)

8) Heavy Pants (HP)—15 reps each arm (using a 20-lb dumbbell, with one foot forward & bent knees, lift weights from forward foot up to waist or near chest). After this exercise, I took 2-minute to stretch my shoulders, drink water, and wipe my sweat with towel.

9) Diamond Push-Up (DPU)—10 reps (From push-up position, bring hands together so that thumbs and index fingers touch and aligning the hands directly below the heart area.)

10) Lawnmower (LM)—20 reps each arm (using a 20-lb dumbbell, on lunge position with one elbow resting on knee, raise weight from floor to waist).

11) Dive-Bomber Push-Up (DBPU)—10 reps (assume that the upper body is the bomb and let it dive to the floor in a slanting direction)

12) Back Fly (BF)—20 reps (using a 20-lb dumbbell on each hand, while seated on the edge of a chair & lowering the rib cage onto the upper thighs, lift weights from the floor as if you are flying using your arms as wings)

I was supposed to repeat the whole 12 exercises again to complete the 1st day session but I proceeded for my cool-down and stretching exercises to finish my 1st day exposure to the P90X program. After doing all the 12 exercises, I could barely move my arms and shoulders and I was sweating profusely.

It was hard following the tempo of the demonstrators as I took some time to rest and stretch in between some of the exercises. But what surprised me was the intensity of the exercises and they “jolted” my arms and chest/back muscles as compared to my workouts at the gym.

10K Run at 7:32 PM (06 August 2008)

I need to put more mileage in my preparation to my first ultramarathon & trail race this coming 23 August and decided to have a short & quick 10K run before dinner. I did not need to go far from the house and concentrated to run within the neighborhood, taking advantage of the slight uphill roads along the way.

My run practically covered an area of about four (4) blocks and I did ten rounds around the said area with an extended runs on a steeper uphill road near the area. I finished the run in 58 minutes.

After my cool-down and post stretching exercises, I had my shower and later my dinner.

I finished the day with my first P90X session and and a 10K run with no body pains or any injury.

Relax and Enjoy life!

9 thoughts on “Day # 1: P90X & 10K Run

  1. Hi BR! P90X is an interesting workout. Do you have any tips on how to accomplish 25 pullups? I consider myself reasonably fit but I can’t do more than 2-3 pullups, much less 25 x 2 sets.


  2. kingofpots

    datc, if i use the chinning bar, i could do 10-12 reps. since i could not have my chinning bar fit to our door, i had to use a heavy duty elastic band with the end clipped on top of a closed door and had to pull the band towards my chest while seated on a chair which is an alternate exercise for the pull-up, thus, i recorded 25 reps. anyway, for you to increase your reps in pull-ups, you have to strengthen your shoulders & arms by push-ups. you must also consider your weight, too! the lighter your weight is, the more pull-up reps you can make! simply said, start with push-ups. start with 3 sets X 10 reps, increasing your reps as you become stronger. aim for my record for the 2-minute push-up of 68 reps! good luck!


  3. BR, i don’t think I can ever work out alone from the house. I need someone with a whip and a sword and a menacing glare (that would describe my personal trainer, actually) to get going. I’m just reading through your list and I’m dizzy tired.;-)

    What’s the difference between a standard push up and a military push up?


  4. kingofpots

    mesh, the distance of your hands in a standard push-up is shoulder-width with your thumbs aligned with the edge of your shoulder while the military push-up has the hands nearer to one another with the small finger aligned with the edge of your shoulder. enjoy your workout!


  5. markfb

    Hi Datc ,

    When I first started doing pull ups, I could just do 11. I peaked at 31 reps and currently doing 25. One of the techniques I’ve found very useful is just hanging (a bit over shoulder width) on the bar. It strengthens your forearm and teaches you how to relax while hanging. 25 reps is around 1 minute on the bar. I do 1 min hang with 3 min rest, 3 sets. You can start with just 15 or 30 seconds.

    As for the pull up itself, if you can do 3 then work on that. 3 sets of 3 every day or every other. Slowly increase reps and you’ll see improvement within 1 to 2 months for sure. As always, you have to know what muscles to use. Generally its the Lats, shoulder, bit of bicep and forearms. To isolate the lats, hold the bar without using your pointer and thumb.

    You can also do the straight arm pull down on the pulley machine or the reverse pull up using the smith machine or bench press while lying down.


  6. galvanizd

    hey.. just stumbled upon your blog.. solid material here.. I’m thinking of starting up P90X alongside training for a half marathon. Looks like it’s gonna be rough! lol.


  7. acereecedeleon

    Ahh man.. its ok if you cant keep up.. just do your best.. and forget the rest.

    P90X…. i hate it.. but i LOVE IT !!

    if your not strong enough to do 25 pull ups straight.. do assisted pull ups and start building your strength.. before i started with p90x.. i couldnt do a single pull up even though i was kind of fit already.. but halfway through the program i can do 8 pull ups straight now….


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