Olympic Records In Distance Running

800 Meters

Men’s: Vebjorn Rodal (Norway)—1:42:58 mins (1996)

Women’s: Nadezha Olizarenko (Soviet Union)—1:53:43 mins (1980)

1,500 Meters

Men’s: Noah Ngeny (Kenya)—3:32:07 mins (2000)

Women’s: Paula Ivan (Romania)—3:53:96 mins (1988)

3,000 Meters Speeplechase

Men’s: Julius Kariuki (Kenya)—8:05:51 mins (1988)

Women’s: The Winner In Beijing

5,000 Meters

Men’s: Said Aouita (Morocco)—13:05:59 mins (1984)

Women’s: Gabriela Szabo (Romania)—14:40.79 mins (2000)

10,000 Meters

Men’s: Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)—27:07.20 mins (2004)

Women’s: Derartu Tulu (Ethiopia)—30:17.49 mins (2000)


Men’s: Carlos Lopes (Portugal)—2:09:21 hrs (1984)

Women’s: Naoko Takahashi (Japan)—2:23:14 hrs (2000)

4 thoughts on “Olympic Records In Distance Running

  1. BR, Carlos Lopes’ performance in the 1984 marathon was the greatest thing I saw live. I happened to work at the 25K water station on the course. I still think that the 1984 Marathon was the greatest one run! The reason – no one gave Lopes a chance to win. Remember, the favorites were Salazar, deCastella, Seko and two or three others.

    The other one would have been Sergei Bubka nearly breaking 20 feet in the pole vault at the Sunkist Indoor Games in 1982, also in Los Angeles at the Sports Arena. At the time, it broke the world indoor record. I know that’s not a distance running record but I thought I would share it.


  2. wayne, you are right, nobody predicted that carlos lopes would win in the 1984 LA Olympic marathon and he was not even seeded that time with the presence of more popular marathoners with better finish times. i saw the event on TV as I was in LA that time but you were more fortunate for being there in the course and saw it “live”. i hope you have recovered already after the san francisco marathon. good luck & hope to see you during your visit to the philippines. thanks!


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