The High Price Of Raising An Olympian

Money, Money, Money is the number One problem of our Philippine Sports in developing or raising an Olympian which is absolutely true to other athletes of other countries. Funding is translated for the payment of the Coaches, Clothing/Athletic Apparel, Housing or Accommodation, Food & Nutrition, Travel & Exposures to International Games, Insurance & Medical Needs, Family Support (if the athlete has a wife & kids), Sport Facility Fees and Membership to Fitness Clubs/Gyms, and Sports Biomechanics and Sports Psychology Support.

I have yet to find out a news article that says how much did the PSC or POC or the National Sports Associations spent for each of the 15 Filipino Olympians to the 2008 Beijing Olympics during their training and preparation for the 2008 Bejing Olympics. If not, maybe, asking how much our swimmer Miguel Molina spent for his training for the 2008 Olympics out of his family financial resources. Continue reading

Olympic Records In Distance Running

800 Meters

Men’s: Vebjorn Rodal (Norway)—1:42:58 mins (1996)

Women’s: Nadezha Olizarenko (Soviet Union)—1:53:43 mins (1980)

1,500 Meters

Men’s: Noah Ngeny (Kenya)—3:32:07 mins (2000)

Women’s: Paula Ivan (Romania)—3:53:96 mins (1988) Continue reading

Updates In Los Angeles

Everything is normal here in Los Angeles after a Magnitude of 5.4 Earthquake was felt at 11:42 AM yesterday. Chino Hills, in San Bernardino County, almost 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles was the epicenter of the earthquake. The last earthquake before this was in January 1994 which devastated Northridge with the Magnitude of 6.7 and resulted to at least 60 deaths and millions of dollars of destroyed properties and infrastructures. People here say that there had been minimal destruction to buildings, houses and infrastructures because they had prepared for such event since 1994 as California implemented a strictest building code. However, the people of California are still preparing for the “big one” to come. Lastly, it was the telephone systems in LA that got jammed, not by the earthquake, but the overloaded calls made by the people of California and from other states and countries after the earthquake. Some wireless telephone companies reported 800% call spike on the calls made after the earthquake. I don’t know if this is a coincidence, I was here in LA when the Northridge Earthquake happened in 1994 and then after another 14 years, I am here again for the next earthquake! Los Angeles must had been excited of my presence! Continue reading