Updates In Los Angeles

Everything is normal here in Los Angeles after a Magnitude of 5.4 Earthquake was felt at 11:42 AM yesterday. Chino Hills, in San Bernardino County, almost 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles was the epicenter of the earthquake. The last earthquake before this was in January 1994 which devastated Northridge with the Magnitude of 6.7 and resulted to at least 60 deaths and millions of dollars of destroyed properties and infrastructures. People here say that there had been minimal destruction to buildings, houses and infrastructures because they had prepared for such event since 1994 as California implemented a strictest building code. However, the people of California are still preparing for the “big one” to come. Lastly, it was the telephone systems in LA that got jammed, not by the earthquake, but the overloaded calls made by the people of California and from other states and countries after the earthquake. Some wireless telephone companies reported 800% call spike on the calls made after the earthquake. I don’t know if this is a coincidence, I was here in LA when the Northridge Earthquake happened in 1994 and then after another 14 years, I am here again for the next earthquake! Los Angeles must had been excited of my presence!

The P90X: Extreme Home Fitness Program package just arrived in the house two days ago and I’ve been reading the pamphlets that go with it for the past days. Yesterday, I went to Sports Chalet in Burbank to buy a Multi-Function Chinning Bar (which could be easily installed on my room’s door) and a Latex Resistance Tubes. I got already a Push-up Grip and set of Dumbbells in the house. Practically, I will be doing my Gym Workouts in the house while watching the DVD where the exercises are demonstrated and I have to follow the guys on my monitor/TV screen. Specific exercises or workout on each part of the body is scheduled on a daily basis and one has to record in a journal the exercises done. I will come up with a page in this blog to document my daily workout. I will start this program after The San Francisco Marathon.

I have created a Page in this Blog (2008 Beijing) which is a repository of On Line News from the Philippine Daily Inquirer on news reports on our preparation and participation to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. We will find out if our athletes will be able to bring home the much-coveted, much-desired and elusive first Gold Olympic Medal by our athletes. I hope the readers will visit this page and come up with their comment/s and observations.

Last night, my daughter attended the book signing by Christian Lander, the author of the book, “Stuff White People Like” in Los Angeles and she brought home a copy of an “autographed” copy of the book for me. Check out his blogsite (where the book was created and based) at www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com. So far, this is the only blog which is published as a book and Random House Publishing paid a “fortune” to the author.

I am the official “cook” in the house. I’ve been cooking all kinds of meat, chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes with Filipino style and flavor. But the problem is I only eat a little of chicken, fish, and vegetable to prevent any attack of “gout”. I don’t want to run The San Francisco Marathon with a “gout” on my feet.

I’ve been reading a lot of books and magazines about running. Reading The Los Angeles Times newspaper is already a part of my breakfast routine. After breakfast, I had to go on line and read The Philippine Daily Inquirer, then check my e-mail and later answer comments to this blog. I usually make my entries in this blog before I cook for lunch or after eating what I cooked for lunch. After posting an entry to this blog, I do my daily routine of stretching and “core” exercises. If I am tired, I go to sleep.

I never watch any of the TV shows, not even TFC here!

Happy running!

3 thoughts on “Updates In Los Angeles

  1. norbertanora

    At looong last! I finally got through your blog after a series of previous attempts. Just in time to wish you luck in your SF Marathon this Sunday. Will be joining Milo, but only 5k. My first was also 5k in the Manila Half Marathon Challenge last July 6. Full story about this awesome experience in my blog “Finally!” at http://www.norberta.blogspot.com.
    Sometimes history repeat itself BR. How could one be at the same place at the same time when there’s an earthquake? The probability is reeealy slim. Maybe you’re right. LA is probably excited with your presence heh heh…
    Wow! A runner who also cook? That’s kinda rare. Your family’s sure lucky to have you around the house.
    Hope you enjoy a gout-free run this Sunday. Good luck, BR! Have a nice time with Wayne and Johnny.

    Nora, the golden girl


  2. kingofpots

    levyang, thanks. we are safe here.

    nora, the golden girl and still strong physically and emotionally! i’ve read your posts and i’ve been visiting your blog early part of this year. i am glad you are enjoying your road races. keep it up! yes, i cook when there is no cook/maid in the house. yes, running The SF Marathon will be a long and steady running workout for the kids & myself. the goal is to finish & be able to run with the kids. good luck on your Milo 5K run. stay happy & fit!


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