The SFM Expo

We arrived in San Francisco’s Embarcadero where the San Francisco Marathon Exposition was located at 3:30 PM this afternoon after 7 1/2 hours trip (to include lunch & gasoline stops) by car from Los Angeles. Our race packets should be taken from the Expo before it closed at 5:00 PM and after that the issuance of race packets was closed. There is no late registration and issuance of race packets on the day of the race. And this is being strictly followed.

While my daughter and I were on our way to the Expo, we met Dean Karnazes again! We had a brief chat and another photo-ops with him. Dean Karnaze told to my daughter that “I am crazy!” Dean K just finished a speaking engagement at the Expo and he was about to leave the parking lot when we met him.

There was a lot of runners inside three long tents and different stalls offering running apparels, shoes, and gadgets. After browsing some of the stalls, we were able to get our race packets and finisher’s t-shirts without any problem. The volunteers did not ask for our Identification card before they finally gave us our race packets.

From the Expo, we proceeded to the house of my wife’s relatives for a visit and they prepared for a “carbo-loading” dinner for us.

The three of us will be with the 8th wave (the last group) to start at 6:30 AM with an expected low temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit and high temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Ooops, this will be a chilling temperature for me for a marathon race.

We are staying for two days in a hotel which is at least one mile away from the starting line. Jogging towards the starting line will be our warm-up.

Good night..I am going to sleep now!

6 thoughts on “The SFM Expo

  1. bugobugo85

    good luck to you and your children sir jovie.

    i nailed my first full marathon this morning at the 32nd milo marathon eliminations.though i did not get the time i wanted,it was a rewarding experience ,nontheless, to finally put a full marathon in my running was a rain-filled run about 60% of the way.we started promptly at 4:30am and it was a well-organized race with lots of water stations,race marshals and adequate directional was ecstasy running roxas blvd. and buendia all by ourselves as the roads were closed for runners use only.

    i am sure you will have a wonderful time running the sfm with your two jewels.again,run hard,run safe and good luck.go ARMY! happy sunday!


  2. samuelnarcise

    Good luck and lots of fun on your run w/ Jovelle and John Paul. My whole LAD will be praying for you! Pasalubong………!!!!


  3. loonyrunner

    that’s a good idea to make sure people attend the expo, and it makes the start of the race hopefully a bit more organized tomorrow. say hi to wayne if you see him 😀 have fun running the SFO marathon!


  4. kingofpots

    bugo2x, congratulations for finishing your first marathon. the finish time is not important but the experience counts most and i am sure that you will take-off from there for more marathons to come. good luck and take time to recover. happy running!

    samie, thanks for the good wishes and prayers.

    loony, thanks. the road races here are very organized and professionally done. i was not able to see wayne because of the many people in the start & finish areas.

    prom, thanks for the good wishes.


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