More Pictures @ 2nd Mizuno Run

These pictures were taken after the 2nd Mizuno Run last 29 June 2008 at The Fort.

 I felt I was a Commander with this pose while talking with Prometheus, High Altitude, and The Looney Runner after the road race. These are the famous runner-bloggers today among the male runners in the country.

 Another pose with (from my left) High Altitude, The Looney Runner, PrometheusCometh, and DATC.

 I call/named these two runners as “Scout Rangers” as they don’t leave each other during the 8th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon.

 Totoy Santos of Happy Feet who was proud of wearing his Finisher’s T-shirt in the All-Terrain Trail Race where he won as Champion in the 12K Trail Run. Congratulations, Totoy!

Passion Runner with Lester and Friends. They are behind the Project CHK at the University of the Philippines.

The Rush Girls and the Bald Runner. The runner on my right was a recipient of a running shoe donated by one of the more blessed runners.

These couple came to the Bald Runner’s Booth for a pose.

 A pose with Banana Running, Mesh, and The Loony Runner.

11 thoughts on “More Pictures @ 2nd Mizuno Run

  1. hi BR, good luck to you in the half-marathon this Sunday. Sayang, wouldn’t be able to join you runner-bloggers again. Will be doing the fontana sprint tri this July 6 🙂 After this, you’ll be going to SF already…My best wishes to you on your SF marathon. Will be looking forward as usual to your reports and pictures 🙂 Speaking of pictures, i’m not the one beside prometheus 🙂


  2. levyang, good luck in the fontana sprint tri. What distances does a sprint tri consist of? I’ll be doing a low key tri in two weeks here in California.


  3. BR, please allow me to respond to SF’s queries…

    Hi SF runner,

    An Olympic Distance Tri consists of 1.5k swim, 40k bike and 10k run. So anything less than that will be considered a sprint triathlon. But if you want to be technical about it, an official sprint is half the distance of an OD tri. So it would come out: 750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run. The Fontana Tri will be a 800m swim, 30k bike and 5k run. BTW, if you want to talk more about it, please do visit my site at

    Thanks BR.


  4. dami ko kuha a hehehe thanks BR! missed out on the Rush girls pic though .) that’s DATC beside prometheus… see you this Sunday 😀


  5. Morning, June 29, 2008

    it was a perfect sunday morning,
    it was a perfect chat with runner-bloggers…

    hmm, running is not all about hitting the finish line in the fastest time or is not all about standing in the podium with the medal or trophy.

    i see a companionship there,
    i see a comradeship there…

    no matter what is our social or academic status, we are runner… blended together on the road, fast or slow, pursuing your own record of time. it is not about against other runner, it is about you against the finish line and the clock.

    No finish line, push beyond the limit and listen to your body.


  6. Nice photos Commander! I look like the private (needs to attend basic training pa). High Altitude looks like the master sergeant and loony runner looks like the rookie lieutenant.


  7. wayne, thanks and happy running!

    levyang, thanks for the info. i am sorry, it is too hard for me to remember the names of the runners. it goes with age! hahaha! good luck on your sprint tri tomorrow and for sure we’ll be reading your report. nice blog, too! good luck!

    loony, sometimes it’s good for us to meet at my booth after the race so that we can have a brief photo-ops with the other runners. you look great in those pictures! see you in luneta tomorrow.

    high altitude, nice comment and it’s true. road races is the only way we can evaluate/assess if we are doing right in our training but after the race, there is a need also to know other people and be friends with others. thanks for the comment.

    prom, nice observation, but i consider you all as officers if i am your commander. all of you could be captains in my command. thanks for the comment and hope to see you again in tomorrow’s half-marathon. good luck!


  8. Thanks for the promotion sir! I will not be running this Sunday as I need to do a 20 mile run! I have 5 weeks to go and 2 of those I will put in long runs before tapering begins then it’s August 3! Have a good run on Sunday and safe trip after!


  9. thanks BR! puwede na nga tambayan yung booth mo e 😀 It’s a great meeting area to see and meet other runners… see you tomorrow!


  10. prom, thanks, we will miss you tomorrow morning. anyway, good luck on your 20-mile run and listen to your body.

    loony, i would like that to happen and make the booth as the regular meeting place for the runners & bloggers. by the way, i’ll be giving Bald Runner’s sticker after tomorrow’s race. see you tomorrow morning! good luck


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