Gout & Running

I’ve discovered that I have gout when I was in Cebu last 14 April and since then I’ve been avoiding meat, legumes, some shellfish & seafoods and it was an experimental ride for the food I could take since then. Little did I know that there are some vegetables that could trigger pain and inflammation of my right “big toe”. It was a “trial and error” experience for the right food I could eat for the past month.

During the Market! Market! 5-Mile Run and 2008 Doc Fit Run (for the past two weeks), I had pains on my big toe brought about this “disease of kings”. I had to take some “pain killer” medications just for me to be able to run these road races and conduct my running workouts. Surprisingly, after a warm-up jogging of about one kilometer, the pain subsides and I could run without thinking about the “pain & swelling” and finish the race/run.

Well, this is a sign of accepting that I am getting old and becoming a member of the “Senior Citizens” but the challenge and “warrior” spirit for me to run at least everyday is still there and I am really serious in preparing for The San Francisco Marathon.

Watching the movie “300” on HBO two nights ago and remembering my almost monthly hiking/trek to Mt Tirad (Tirad Pass), from Salcedo, Ilocos Sur up to the famous “spring water source” on top of the mountain, when I was a Battalion Commander in the Ilocos Region, give me that positive resolve to continue with my running and preparations for the incoming marathon. (I’ll post a story about Tirad Pass as soon as I will get hold of my picture taken beside the Historical Marker in 1995 where General Gregorio del Pilar died during the Battle of Tirad Pass)

Today, I am going to have my doctor’s consultation and have my blood examined to find out what foods I could eat and those that I should avoid.


4 thoughts on “Gout & Running

  1. kingofpots

    harry, thank you very much for the link. this will be very useful for my training and my daily intake of foods. hey, you have a nice blog and i am including it in my blogroll. welcome to the e-running community!


  2. Mukhang Guilty

    Thanks, it was by reading your blog.. right after being introduced to you @ Runnex that I decided to have a BLOG of my own 🙂


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