Project Donate A Shoe @ 2008 Doc Fit Run

25 May 2008 @ UP Diliman Campus

After I finished the 2008 Doc Fit 10K Run, I was approached by Councilor Doray Delarmente of Quezon City and she introduced herself to me. I had known beforehand in her blog that she is also a passionate runner and had been very serious in improving her finish time in every road race that she participated. She is also a regular visitor of this blog and writes good comments about my posts. We had a brief conversation and asked her about her father who had been with me in the same office where I was assigned when I was a Captain. After some photo-ops with her, she told me that she is donating some pairs of running shoes to the Project Donate A Shoe. Councilor Doray donated four (4) Nike running shoes. It was nice of her to support this project of mine. Thanks, Councilor Doray! I hope you are now proudly wearing the “ONE” wristband that I gave you.

A guy who just completed the 10K run also approached me at the vicinity of the Project Donate A Shoe booth and gave me two (2) pairs of Adidas running shoes. He introduced himself as Jay who did not want to be known by his complete name and did not want also to have a photo-ops with me. Anyway, he is married and presently working at Banco De Oro at Ayala Branch. In my brief conversation with him, he told me that he found out about this Project from one of the Janitors in their office. The janitor, according to him, runs from Bulacan to Makati City, to their office, on a daily basis and he was a recipient of one of the donated shoes through this Project. Wow! I have to know and meet this janitor and donate more shoes to him! Jay, thank you very much for your support and please proudly wear the “ONE” wristband that I gave you.

At present, a total of 44 pairs of running shoes had been donated from our “kind-hearted” runners; 34 pairs had been distributed to our “less-fortunate” runners and 10 pairs are “on hand” for distribution. Our booth will be available at the Sta Lucia Mall 10-Mile Run on 08 June 2008. For particulars and immediate contact with my staff, please visit/click the “Project Donate A Shoe” Page. 


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