More Pictures @ Mizuno Infinity Run


Posing for a picture with Totoy Santos of Hapy Feet Running Club before the start of a race is becoming a ritual.


The running Senator of the country, Senator Pia Cayatano with her security detail. It was nice to be seeing her in every road race. 


It took me to practice a lot in Jamindan on how to drink water from a bottle while running. As much as possible, I don’t stop to drink on water stations during road races. It was unfortunate on this race that I did not wear my Nathan Water Belt. Practically, I had to hold a bottled water while I was running on this race.


The problem with this picture was that I did not use my “hill bounding” technique. I was forced to use small steps in running over the uphill portion from the Heritage Park to the Bayani Road. I will improve on this some more in my future road races.


Another picture with the strong “lady in pink” runner. She finally overtook me along the uphill portion at the Essensa area and politely said, “Excuse me”.


A pose with Mark near the “Donate A Shoe” Booth. Finally, we met in person. Mark is my number #1 “commentator” in my blog. Thanks for the comments and additional information.


I forgot the name of this runner. Anyway, he approached me and told me that he is a regular visitor of this blog. He is a member of the Fairview Running Club and I can recall that he joined/finished the 7th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon last 09 March 2008. Major Rod Turno, a member of my staff in the Project “Donate A Shoe” is seen at the back.


A very promising weekend “road warrior”, Taki, who is improving his finish time in every race he joins. 


A brief meeting and conversation with my “blog inspiration”, The Bull Runner. I told her, in due time we will be signing  a “book deal contract” with Random House or Barnes & Noble Publishing about running in the Philippines.


My running & gym workout friends/buddies from Gold’s Gym Glorietta, Rene and Doc. These guys are really good and consistent “road warriors” in every weekend road races.

4 thoughts on “More Pictures @ Mizuno Infinity Run

  1. levyang

    hello, was just wondering if you are still going to set up donation booths in future races for the ‘donate-a-shoe’ project? And will you still be giving away “ONE” wristbands to the donors? There are 2 races on april 13 and i’m wondering which one will the baldrunner join?


  2. Thanks for the pics. 🙂 Btw, I just placed your site as a link to mine, hope thats okay. 🙂 We’re having our vacation at Baguio right now so I’m sort of doing some altitude training like you did before. Boy, roads here are so steep and hilly that they scare me. I was suppose to do a tempo run awhile ago but I ended up doing hill repeats instead. I’d like to do a normal tempo run tomorrow but I’d prefer doing it on a less hilly place. Do you know a nice place to do morning runs that are not too hilly? I’m staying at Navy Road, would you know a place near it?



  3. kingofpots

    taki, try the old Gintong Alay Oval Track at the Teachers Camp but you have to pay a small amount as entrance fee or go to the Baguio City Airport early in the morning and run along the airstrip as there are no flights landing there. one way of the strip is a good 2K tempo run. good luck & enjoy your vacation.


  4. kingofpots

    levy, the “donate a shoe” booth will be always present in every weekend road race and we’ll continue giving “one” wristband to the donors. on sunday, my staff will be in paranaque and on the 13th of april, we’ll be at The Fort’s GMA/QTV Road Race. Hope to see you there!


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