D-Day: 2008 Pasig River Marathon

24 February 2008

Yesterday morning, I went to Marikina Riverbank to familiarize myself with the route of the Pasig River Marathon. I happened to meet a certain “Robert” who was wearing a runner’s attire and looks like a seasoned runner at the Marikina Riverbank. He happens to be a regular runner of the Pasig River Marathon for the past seven years and we talked for awhile. He noticed that I was coughing while I was talking to him and he tried to tell me that it will be a hard and difficult situation for me to finish the marathon with my condition. I just smiled and he later oriented me with the starting area and the route.

Knowing the route, except for the Mandaluyong-Sta Mesa-Pandacan area, I immediately took some of my medications and was able to rest the whole afternoon of Saturday and slept early at 8:00 PM. I woke up at 2:00 AM, took a shower, shaved, had my last “crap”, ate oatmeal, applied petroleum jelly on my inner thighs/feet/inner part of my upper arms/below my armpits and wore my running attire. At 3:00 AM, I was already on my way to Marikina Riverbank.

The race program started at 3:30 AM and the race started on time at 4:00 AM. Nobody among the runners were paying attention to the remarks/speeches of the VIPs on the stage except for the singing of the National Anthem. In my estimate, there were about 1,500-2,000 runners for the 42K to include members of the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


Getting in line for the check-in before runners could enter the starting area. It took at least 30 minutes for marshalls to mark all the runners. Runners were lined up while the race program was on-going. 


I thought I started very slow on the first 10 kilometers but when I reached the 20 kilometer mark, I was surprised to see that my GF 305 registered a time of 2 hours! I was running too fast, contrary to my final plan of running conservatively. There was no way I could see what was going on with my GF 305 because it was still dark and there was no bright light/lamp post along the route.


A fast pace at the C-5 Bridge, near Kalayaan Avenue where my staff had a problem getting a better picture of me while it was dark!


Crossing one of the bridges in Mandaluyong


I need to “shuffle” and take little steps just to prevent my legs from getting cramps!


One of my security men recommended me to wear my runner’s cap while passing at the squatters area in Mandaluyong and Sta Mesa for security reasons. Once I was already at the Nagtahan Bridge, I removed my cap and wore my sunglasses!


And then I had to walk briskly as I was about to experience “cramps” on my both legs (calves & hamstrings). I started to experience muscle cramps at Km # 36!


At last, I could see Manila Hotel from this point and I knew I could finish the race.


Every runner should smile after passing the finish line. Before passing the Finish Line, I heard some of the runners in the audience shouting “BALD RUNNER”. One of the marshalls at the finish line told me that she is a regular reader of my blog.


The Bald Runner trying to copy the picture of Lance Armstrong after finishing the 2007 New York Marathon!..Ha! Ha! Ha!

7 thoughts on “D-Day: 2008 Pasig River Marathon

  1. Bald Runner! Congratulations! There was no doubt you’d run this marathon looking so cool and calm. You didn’t even look like you were cramping or that you were slightly ill.
    I love the last Lance Armstrong shot haha.

    By the way, Garmin has a backlight. Just press top left button for a few seconds.

    Enjoy your rest and indulge in some good food. You deserve it.


  2. carlo

    Hi baldrunner, congrats on your finish! As a relative newcomer to the sport, I enjoy reading your running stories and tips. Also, since my late grandfather was also in the military, I would like to thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Keep on running!


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  4. olvis06

    hi Mr Bald Runner…

    I ran the PMPR yesterday it was my first race. I was not able to run a short distance race prior to yesterday’s marathon. It was good running experience for a newbie like me. I started running on may of 06. But I was not into regular training until the last week of December when I do run in 2 weekdays and weekends. I average 32 miles/week pior to marathon but I’m still short of indurace and passed out in 37k of the race and I started walking. But I still manage to finnish the race in 4 hrs and 28 (unofficial). I’m in front of the way up to the finnish line and I’m confident the one you heard shouting “BALD RUNNER” was me. I been reading your blogs for tips prior to the race. I’m planning for a second marathon run in August. I hope you could post more tips…

    Maraming Salamat…
    Mabuhay po Kayo!


  5. sheemijo

    Hello Baldrunner,

    I was the one telling you at the finish line that I read your blog regularly, I enjoy reading and getting some tips, actually, a night before the marathon, I called my co runners from Amoranto Runners Club to inform him about the tips “for the first time marathoner” you had posted and just this morning when we saw each other in Amoranto Stadium, he told me that it helps a lot the tips I got from you. I just started running June of last year and is planning to join the Milo Elimination , I’m looking forward of getting more tips from you…

    Congratulations for crossing the finish line!


  6. kingofpots

    bullrunner, thanks! i thought of not joining the race with my coughing but i didn’t want my preparations gone to nothing. so, i just stayed calm and relaxed and think of finishing the race. i wanted to look funny with that Lance Armstrong pose and I am glad you liked it. yes, i’ve tried pushing the power button of my GF 305 after reading your comment and there is a backlight! Thanks for the link! Good luck with your recovery and see you soon!

    mark, thanks! that shows that i am still a “low-tech” guy!

    carlo, thanks for being a regular reader and visitor of my blog..keep on running, too!

    olvis, congratulations for a nice time finish on your first marathon even with a lesser mileage on your preparations/training. Stay fit and consistent on your training if you want to improve your time on your next marathon in August. Rest assured, i’ll post more tips for the marathon. i really appreciate you for shouting my name at the finish line!

    sheemijo, you made me smile when you told me that you are a regular visitor of my blog and i am glad you and your friend are following my tips. Keep on running and hope to see you soon in future road races. thanks!


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