Things To Be Done After Marathon Race

1.  Cool-down and make your usual stretching exercises slowly as your muscles are still sore.

2.  Drink a lot of water/liquids.

3.  Take a cold shower, not a warm one. Studies had proven that cold shower would make the muscles more relaxed.

4.  Eat carbohydrates and “hot meal” with soup. My favorite after a race/run is a “Mami Noodle Soup with Beef Briskets & Tendons” at Causeway Restaurant (C-5, near Jollibee Green Meadows) coupled with “Lychees w/ Almonds in Sweet Syrup & Ice” as dessert. Don’t forget to bring with you your “support team” to this occassion.

5.  Sleep early at night and take some more time to rest with your sore legs elevated. Remember the word R-I-C-E to treat muscle soreness/injuries—Rest, Ice, Compression (Massage), & Elevate.

6.  Let your muscle sores/pains treat itself. I don’t recommend pain relief medications to solve this problem.

7.  Keep on moving when not in rest or in bed.

8.  Start to take a long walk on the second day after the marathon race.

9.  Evaluate your running performance.

10.  Take a vacation and relax with your family.

11.  Give thanks to the Lord for finishing the race without any injury or problems.

12.  Reward yourself with something…maybe, a new running shoes, a new running attire, Ipod, DVD movie, or something that will remind you on finishing the Marathon Race.

P.S. I should had posted this immediately after the marathon race. Sorry, guys! However, you can still follow my recommendations #5 to #12.               

3 thoughts on “Things To Be Done After Marathon Race

  1. jhunie16

    Hi po! congrats nga po pala sa finish nyo…recommendations #10 and #12 ang the best hehe, you deserved that after that long and tiring marathon. god bles po.


  2. kingofpots

    TS, i know your leg muscles are sore like mine up to this time. slowly, do some brisk walking and slow jogging if you can tolerate the pain and you’ll be surprised after a day that you can run comfortably. don’t forget your stretching exercises before and after walking/slow jogging. Congrats! You have a very impressive time in the 2008 Pasig River Marathon! Nice blog, too!

    Jhunie, thanks! Keep on reading my blog! Actually, being assigned in the Visayas region is already a vacation paradise for me. I asked my wife to buy me an ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 as my gift for finishing the 2008 Pasig River Marathon.


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