Oval Track Run @ Iloilo City: Part 2

16 02 2008

13 February 2008 (12:46-1:30 PM)

The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer from what I’ve expected. Oval tracks are supposed to be 400 meters or 440 yards on its innermost lane. The Iloilo City Oval Track has eight (8) lanes. After stretching and warm-up for one lap around the track, I started to run four laps at the innermost lane (Lane # 1), then to the outermost lane (Lane # 8), then to the middle lane (Lane # 5), and made two continuous laps (800 meters) at Lane # 1 in order to finally determine the actual distance of the Oval.

The following data were taken from my GF 305 (in meters & minutes). Posted also were pictures taken with me running on each lane:


Lane # 1         Distance           Time

Lap # 1             414.9 m            2:11 mins

Lap # 2             408.0 m           1:58 mins

Lap # 3             418.93 m         1:46 mins

Lap # 4             417.43 m         2:12 mins


Lane # 8        Distance          Time

Lap # 5            470.37 m         2:26 mins

Lap # 6            472.02 m        2:32 mins

Lap # 7            474.62 m        2:36 mins

Lap # 8            484.95 m        1:58 mins


Lane # 5       Distance          Time

Lap # 9           448.43 m         2:28 mins

Lap # 10         459.17 m         2:16 mins

Lap # 11         457.24 m         2:20 mins

Lap # 12         471.11 m         1:45 mins


Lane # 1         832.68 m        4:28 mins

After running 800 meters, I ran another 800 meters for my cool-down run. I finished my running workout with stretching. Overall, I was able to run 17 laps which is equivalent to 6.8 kilometers or 4.25 miles.

Definitely, The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer than the normal oval track as determined by my GF 305!

Pictures: 2008 PMA Gidaya Trail Run

15 02 2008

15 February 2008 (6:45-8:00 AM)


Registration was done at the Finish Line area infront of the Sundial of PMA. From the Registration Area, our group was brought to the Loakan Airport’s Air Controller Building by bus and it was where our race started. The race started at 7:15 AM.


On my right is my brother & wife who competed also in the race. On my left is Cavalier Agustin (PMA Class 1972) who is retired from the service and placed second to me in the said race.


Running alone towards the finish line!


A pose with the Commandant of Cadets of PMA and grand daughter of the late Honorable Ernesto Gidaya after I received the First Place Trophy for the PMA Gidaya Trail Run ( 50+ years old category)


A closer look at the Trophy and the Champion!

Boracay Beachfront: 4.70K

13 02 2008

11 February 2008

I was a “tourist guide” again to my visiting daughter and her boyfriend in Boracay. However, instead of being with them walking along the beachfront, I went on brisk walking and jogging from the Nami Beach Resort (north end of the beach) to the southern end near the Lorenzo South Resort.

Using my GF 305, the beachfront distance registered 4.70 kilometers.

For my running workout along the beach, I was able to run 7 kilometers in slow jogging due to the loose sand.


The Nami Resort in Boracay (On the cliff of the mountain) 


Jogging along Boracay Beach at 11:30 AM

Old Pictures at Fort Benning

4 12 2007

I attended my Infantry Officer’s Advance Course at the US Army Infantry School in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA from November 1983 to May 1984. It took me only one week to orient, get to know the names of all the installations/facilities/roads and go around the vast camp by jogging/running. Because of this talent & quick knowledge of the place, I became the “designated driver” of our group (five officers) in a Volkswagen Rabbit car!                                   


During weekends, I had the chance to run 10K road races inside the camp and to the nearby city of Columbus, Georgia & Phenix City, Alabama. It was winter time when I had my schooling and I had to wear a cap, woolen gloves, and long-sleeved Hobbie shirts for my runs.


 One of my sprint runs before the finish line.


Our “group” (Filipino Officers in the class) consists of 3 Philippine Army Officers and 2 Philippine Constabulary Officers. Aside from being the “designated driver”, I was also the “official cook/chef” of the group! The PC Officer on the extreme left became a Brigadier General (one-star); I reached the rank of a Major General (two-star); the officer at my left became the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (four-star);  and the remaining officers retired as Colonels.


Pictures With My Marathon Kids

20 11 2007

I am posting the pictures of my “marathon kids” who had been consistently joining the annual Los Angeles Marathon.

Today is the 28th Birthday of my daughter, Jovelle. This picture was taken after we arrived home from the Finish Line of the 1st City of Angels Half- Marathon held in Los Angeles last 04 December 2006. She is presentlty a Realtor at Prudential Realty Corp. You can visit her blogsite at www.jovellenarcise.com if you are interested in looking for a realty property in the Los Angeles area and knowing more about Los Angeles. He is a member of the LA Roadrunners Club and finished three consecutive LA Marathon Races. She graduated at UC Irvine, AB English in 2001.


My son is also a passionate marathoner and a basketball player. After three years as a Paralegal in one of the Law Firms in Downtown Los Angeles , he decided to pursue his studies at the College Of Law. Presently, he is a second year student at Chapman University in Orange County. He graduated at UC Los Angeles, AB Political Science in 2000. He turned 29 years old last 31 August. He is a member of the LA Roadrunners Club and finished four consecutive Los Angeles Marathon Races.


That’s me, standing beside my daughter and son, the Bald Runner!

Picture: Waldemar Cierpinski

13 11 2007


Waldemar Cierpinski in the last 200 meters of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Marathon where he won his second consecutive Gold Medal with a time of 2:11:03. (Note: Cierpinski was wearing a thin-sole Adidas Running Shoes)

How I wished I could have those strong and powerful quadriceps!!! 

Road to Jamindan

12 11 2007

dsc03610.jpg                  dsc03611.jpg

dsc03616.jpg                  dsc03617.jpg 

dsc03614.jpg                  dsc03613.jpg 

dsc03618.jpg                  dsc03619.jpg 

dsc03620.jpg                  dsc03622.jpg

dsc03623.jpg                  dsc03612.jpg

I ran 1:40:00 last Saturday morning (10 November ’07) from my Camp to Jamindan-Mambusao Boundary in Capiz. The distance we ran was about 16-17 kilometers. It was a nice hill and long & slow distance workout for the weekend. I am escorted by my security personnel, eight years younger than me. I am sure the NPAs had seen us, as these places are NPA-infested areas!

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