Boracay Beachfront: 4.70K

11 February 2008

I was a “tourist guide” again to my visiting daughter and her boyfriend in Boracay. However, instead of being with them walking along the beachfront, I went on brisk walking and jogging from the Nami Beach Resort (north end of the beach) to the southern end near the Lorenzo South Resort.

Using my GF 305, the beachfront distance registered 4.70 kilometers.

For my running workout along the beach, I was able to run 7 kilometers in slow jogging due to the loose sand.


The Nami Resort in Boracay (On the cliff of the mountain) 


Jogging along Boracay Beach at 11:30 AM

One thought on “Boracay Beachfront: 4.70K

  1. I was in boracay last month, and how I miss it now that I’m back here in windy chicago, frozen under 6-8 inches of snow. I miss the sun, the white sands, my morning walks and just bumming around in the beach front and in D’ mall searching for great finds.

    I hope to return soon.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques


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