Road to Jamindan

12 11 2007

dsc03610.jpg                  dsc03611.jpg

dsc03616.jpg                  dsc03617.jpg 

dsc03614.jpg                  dsc03613.jpg 

dsc03618.jpg                  dsc03619.jpg 

dsc03620.jpg                  dsc03622.jpg

dsc03623.jpg                  dsc03612.jpg

I ran 1:40:00 last Saturday morning (10 November ’07) from my Camp to Jamindan-Mambusao Boundary in Capiz. The distance we ran was about 16-17 kilometers. It was a nice hill and long & slow distance workout for the weekend. I am escorted by my security personnel, eight years younger than me. I am sure the NPAs had seen us, as these places are NPA-infested areas!



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