Runners’ Alibis

11 11 2007

Hereunder are the famous lines or reasons every runner/marathoner says when he/she does not attain his/her goal or DNF in a marathon race:

1. I did not train hard. I ran lesser mileage in practice this time.

2. I had an injury. I was in pain.

3. I should have used my other running shoes.

4. The marathon organizer “sucks”.

5. I did not have time to practice.

6. I had stomach cramps…I have cramps on my legs

7. I did not have much “speed runs” and “fartleks”.

8. I did not have my “second wind”. My “second wind” came very late.

9. I was wearing the wrong runners outfit. My singlet keeps on rubbing my arms. My shorts keeps on rubbing my groin area.

10. I was not able to have my “carbo-loading” yesterday.

11. I was not able to have my bowel movement before the race.

12. I started with a faster pace on the first half of the marathon. I should have started slowly and then picked-up my pace on the second half.

13. The weather is hot. The race should had started earlier than what was scheduled.

14. The air is polluted. I could hardly breath. 

15. The race organizers lacked in the number of water points along the route.

16. I was not able to sleep soundly last night.

17. I joined the race not to compete, but to finish it.

18. I forgot to cut my toe nails before the race. My small toe nails are touching the edge of my shoes’ uppersole and it’s sore!

19. I just recovered from colds/flu/coughing last week/few days before the race.

20. I can’t control myself, I had sex with my wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend last night/two nights ago!

21. I should have my body massage two days before the race.

22. My biorythym is low this week.

23. I guess, I overtrained and was able to pass through my peak period.

24. It’s okey..this is just a preparation and part of the training for the next race. I will have a better PR time next time.

25. I need to have more strengthening workouts at the gym.

26. I should drank more energy drinks along the way.

27. My running shoes is heavy. I have to buy a lighter shoes immediately.

28. I used the wrong socks for today’s race. I got blisters on my foot.

29. I should have trained more days in altitude training or in Baguio City.

30. I forgot to use my Ipod! I was listening to a “wrong” list of songs/music.

31. I reached the “wall” too early. I reached the “wall” at mile/km #____and I started to walk.

32. The marshalls could hardly control the traffic at the intersections. I slowed down in every intersection.

33. The food at the “carbo-loading” activity was “garbage”!

34. I forgot to start my stop watch at the starting line. I did not know my exact pace every kilometer.

35. I am still heavy. I need to reduce some more pounds from my weight.

36. I should had warmed-up properly.

37. I need more stretching exercises before the race.



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