My First Run For 2009

4:54 PM 01 January 2009 @ Rizal High School (Pasig) Oval Track

The sky was still overcast when I started my run in the afternoon of the first day of the year 2009. Upon my arrival at the Rizal High School Oval Track, the elite runners of the Team Bald Runner had just arrived at the place a few minutes ahead of me. I could see that our elite runners of Team Bald Runner are seriously preparing for the March 8 Philippine Marathon for Pasig River. According to Captain Espejo, he updated me with a report that our marathon runners of Team Bald Runner are on their right track and training for them to qualify on the Olympic Marathon finish time of 2:18 hours.

After a warm-up run of 4 laps with an average pace of 6:15 mins/km, I did my stretching and speed drills. I told Captain Espejo that I will be doing a one-hour long run at my 80%-85% (5:45 mins/km pace). He suggested that I should increase my pace for the last 30 minutes of my run. For the first 30 minutes of my run, my average pace was 5:25 mins/km, running on a counter-clockwise direction on the oval track. For the last 30 minutes of my run, I changed my direction on a clockwise along the oval track and I was able to register an average pace of 4:45 mins/km. After one hour of continuous run, I slowly jogged for another lap and then walked for another half lap. To include my warm-up run, I was able to run a distance of 14.4 kilometers with an average pace of 5:11 mins/km.

My workout terminated with a full stretching routine assisted by Coach Espejo. Coach Espejo gave me a positive feedback where he made a comment that I was able to correct the defect on my strides and footstrike. Thanks, Coach Ferdie!

Finally, allow me to make a comment about the Flagcounter that I newly displayed on my blog last 31st December 2008. I am amazed and surprised with the results I am seeing right now with the Flagcounter. After almost two days, I could see that there are readers from 30+ countries around the world visiting this blog. Assuming that the readers are Filipinos, we could just imagine how the Filipinos are located entire the world. On the other hand, if these readers/visitors are really permanent residents in these countries, this proves that running is a “universal” sports and it makes the Philippines also known to them through this running blog.

To my readers/visitors from all over the world, even if you are unable to leave a comment in this blog, thanks for the visits.

181 Days: Back2Back Runs

After running 20+K last Sunday, I decided to continue my training the following day for a recovery run. The best place to have my recovery run was at the oval track because the track is more forgiving to my tired legs than the cemented/asphalted roads. Plus, for the simple reason that there are more runners at the oval tract.

I started my run at 5:50 PM yesterday and I was surprised to see a lot of runners and walkers. After a brief stretching, my run started as slow one with an Average Pace of 5:37 mins/km and I was able to finish 5 laps. I really didn’t know what made me decide to run the next 2 laps at a faster pace and finished it in 3:38 minutes ( average pace of 4:13 mins/km). Every 2 laps was followed with one lap recovery run. I ended doing another 3 sets of 800-meter runs whose times were: 3:50 mins; 4:11 mins; and 3:55 mins. After my last recovery lap, I ran another 8 1/2 laps with an average pace of 5:49 mins/km. I was able to run a total distance of 10.6 kilometers. I went to bed at 9:00 PM.

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186 Days: “Rain Won’t Stop Me”

5:50 AM 01 October 2008

The rain briefly stopped when I decided to have my oval track run at ULTRA. But when I approached the premises of the PSC/DECS compound, it started to rain and it got stronger when I reached the Grandstand of the Oval Track. I was surprised to see a lot of runners doing their workout while it was raining. After a short stretching and warm-up exercises, I joined the group of runners at the track.

I was able to run a distance of 13.19 kilometers in 1:07:50 hours while it was raining.

188 Days: JFK 50 & Monday Recovery Run

On the early part during the administration of US President John F Kennedy in the early ’60s, he revived the challenge of past President Theodore Roosevelt for the US Marines Officers and US Armed Forces to run and hike a distance of 50 miles (80 kilometers) in 20 hours carrying with them their individual provisions (food and water). Soon, this was adopted as part of the Physical Fitness Program for all the Officers and Enlisted Men of the US Armed Forces and was conducted throughout the United States. There was a team competition of this “JFK 50-Mile Challenge” then where a team was composed of 10 officers or enlisted men and the five (5) lowest/fastest time were cumulated to represent the team’s finish time. The lowest/fastest cumulated time for a team won the much-coveted “Kennedy Cup”. This Hike-Run Challenge was open to the public but it maintained its reputation as a military event. Continue reading

Oval Track Run @ Iloilo

These pictures were taken during my oval track run at the Iloilo City’s Athletic Grounds in the afternoon of 23 Nov 2007. I completed 32 laps at an average pace of 2:10-2:20 mins per lap. I finished my run with a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes. It was my first time to use my New Balance 902 running shoes. 

dsc03799.jpg         dsc03801.jpg        dsc03802.jpg

My new running shoes is very light and I need to make some adjustments with the way I run with it. It is comfortable but it has minimal arch support. It has thinner sole than my old New Balance 716. I started to feel some slight pain on my lower leg muscles after 20 laps but it disappeared after slowing my pace. The New Balance 902 will be my trainer shoes from now on.