181 Days: Back2Back Runs

After running 20+K last Sunday, I decided to continue my training the following day for a recovery run. The best place to have my recovery run was at the oval track because the track is more forgiving to my tired legs than the cemented/asphalted roads. Plus, for the simple reason that there are more runners at the oval tract.

I started my run at 5:50 PM yesterday and I was surprised to see a lot of runners and walkers. After a brief stretching, my run started as slow one with an Average Pace of 5:37 mins/km and I was able to finish 5 laps. I really didn’t know what made me decide to run the next 2 laps at a faster pace and finished it in 3:38 minutes ( average pace of 4:13 mins/km). Every 2 laps was followed with one lap recovery run. I ended doing another 3 sets of 800-meter runs whose times were: 3:50 mins; 4:11 mins; and 3:55 mins. After my last recovery lap, I ran another 8 1/2 laps with an average pace of 5:49 mins/km. I was able to run a total distance of 10.6 kilometers. I went to bed at 9:00 PM.

This morning, I woke up at 5:10 AM and I prepared for another run at the oval track with the plan to run up and down the cemented bleachers at ULTRA. I wore my TNF Arnuva BOA trail/paved road running shoes and my TNF hydration pack (camelbak version) for this morning’s run. At 5:41 AM, I was already at the oval track running with my hydration pack for 4 laps before going up and down the bleachers. My running drill at the bleacher which simulates hill training lasted for almost 39 minutes and continued more of my workout along the oval track. After 4 laps, I removed my hydration pack from my back and did 2 reps of 400-meter run with a recovery run of one lap in between repetition. My GF 305 registered 1:33 mins for the 1st lap and 1:36 mins for the 2nd lap. I finished my workout with another 2 laps before Coach John volunteered to give me my post-stretching routine which I greatly appreciated. I was able to run a distance of 10.35 kilometers this morning.

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