180 Days: Adidas KOTR; Another “Runabout”; & Others

8 10 2008

I got my race packet for the Adidas “King of the Road” (KOTR) 21K Race last Monday. Inside the race packet is a nice and expensive Adidas runner’s singlet, a flyer for the Adidas Shoes recommended to be used in specific road race distances, and the race bib. I think I am lucky this time to get the following race number.

My running friends who joined me in my trail run in Tagaytay and Mt Batulao had registered to this race but they will not run because of their religion. They are Seventh-Day Adventists and they consider Saturday as very sacred and important for them. However, they told me that they are only interested to have the Adidas singlet that goes with the registration fee. It was only last Monday that I realized (when I saw my Adidas singlet) that my running friends from Silang, Cavite were right. I wonder if they will be giving away their race bibs to other runners or had designated somebody who will run for them.

Yesterday morning, I received a comment from one of the runners asking me for the Adidas KOTR race organizer to provide more race packets as more runners are interested to join the race after the announced registration deadline had closed. I requested my staff to make some requests to the race organizers for additional race packets and we are still awaiting for the latest update from them. I was informed that hundreds of runners from the AFP and PNP are still waiting for them to be registered in the said race. It seems this Saturday’s run will be full-packed and exciting race for everybody.

After sleeping for almost 8 1/2 hours last night, I was ready for another “runabout” along the streets of Metro Manila as I woke up at 5:00 AM. At 5:25 AM, I was already on the road with my TNF Long-sleeved shirt, TNF trail running shorts, and ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2. My TNF Hydration Pack was filled with 2 liters of water, some cash, my digital camera, and cellphone. I was able to run a distance of 18K with a time of 1:59:33 hours. I usually stop my time whenever I have my pit stop to drink a bottle of Propel or Gatorade in 7-11/Mini-Stop Stores and eat at least two orders of Taho along the corner of busy streets. I have already three (3) Taho vendors and one (1) newspaper lady whom I befriended since I started these regular “runabouts”.

I took the following pictures at Kalayaan Avenue before reaching C-5 Highway. No need to explain!

The three PNP trainees who finished ahead of my runners in last Sunday’s 10K race at ULTRA had been disqualified for wearing only two “straws/strings” on their necks, instead of three “straws/strings” when they reached the finish line as shown in a video clip. Baby Doble of the Soroptimists International of Ortigas, the Race Organizer, made the decision and announcement to the media yesterday morning. Please refer to my previous post entitled, “You Will Be The Judge” for the details. However, I think the story should not end here. The PNP Officer who argued to my runners and to the race organizers & motorcycle escort cop that his men won in the said race, together with the 3 PNP trainees should be investigated, If found guilty of dishonesty, they should be immediately separated from the service. These kind of people do not deserve to wear the service-uniform!

The Senate of the Philippines approved the Budget Appropriation for Calendar Year 2009 of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) in yesterday morning’s Budget Hearing. My staff and I attended this short hearing which took only about 15 minutes to be approved after the Commissioners presented their proposed budget. The approved proposed budget amounted to P 238 Million Pesos which consists of P 30 Million Pesos for our Olympic Athletes’ training and the biggest part of the budget is for more financial support to “grassroots” sports development.



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8 10 2008

Hi BR. It’s the same reason why I cant join the KOTR. 😀

I know many people just register to the KOTR for the singlet and have no intention to run. I hope Adidas will make some changes on that one next time. Kawawa naman yung mga gusto talaga tumakbo. But guess it will still be a crowded race on Saturday. Goodluck.

8 10 2008

wow! you got lucky number! mine is 8288, with 2 as an intermission, i hope you will share some of your luck to me hahaha, happy running! see you soon!

i am glad that the three PNP trainees were disqualified in the takbo! breast friend. they did not pass by me unlike your runners who passed ahead of me on their 2nd round. i am just wondering what is for these cheaters to gain…it is just fun run…the prize is not that hefty cash…it is not even a nationwide media exposure….i can’t understand their objectives!

btw, who will investigate their case? could this be another issue that will die naturally? or another issue that will be forgotten once a more sensational one came about?

9 10 2008

Sir Jovie,

i like your number. mine is 222! I thought i had a great number but yours is even better, if not, the best! see you on Saturday!


9 10 2008

Sir Jovie,

You really have a great race number. I was reading our blog and na-kaka-inspire ka for me to improve my speed and distance running. I have been preparing for 21K King of the Road. It’s going to be my first time to do a 21K run and my goal is simply to finish the race (hopefully with a decent time).

Sir, when you get a chance I’m inviting you and your friends to our restaurant (Paul Calvin’s Deli) @ the Fort. We’ll be serving healthy breakfast buffet on the day of the run. we’re located at Rizal Drive (Between UCC & Chowking) sa tapat lang kami ng helipad.

Sir, para di kayo maligaw you can call us at 856.5900.

Sana makawpenyuhan ko kayo!

-Jay Em of Paul Calvin’s Deli

9 10 2008

888, wow! I remember your story bout the chinese. 🙂 you must be really lucky sir!

9 10 2008


9 10 2008

in the olden days (actually up until 4-5 years ago) they only gave out singlets/shirts to those who actually finished the race… and kung minsan it’s even limited to a certain number of top finishers (like the first 250). i wish they would bring back that system wherein only runners/finishers are eligible to get the loot.

10 10 2008

Swerte yan BR! Mine’s 628, see you saturday.

Im just recovering from laryngitis. I’ll try my best to at least come in under 2 hrs. Its my anniversary run, 1 year na since it all began for me. Its also my 5th year wedding anniversary. : )

10 10 2008

Good day sir jovie,
i hope to meet The Bald Runner. We saw you last might at the Running Aid 3 but unfortunately we left early because we have our youngest son with us, who wants to go home. Anyway, God bless on the KOTR race. See you!

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