This Is How They Do It Here! #2

The following Heat Training pointers and instructions were sent to my e-mail by the Race Organizers of the Bulldog Trail Run to guide me in my training and preparations for the race on 23 August 2008.

Very nice and commendable effort to make each runner prepared for the event, at least, one month before the race.

Can our Race Organizers do this in the Philippines? Yes, we can do it, too!

Note: Arthur Webb is the ultra running coach of Jamie Donaldson, the 2008 Lady Champion of Badwater Ultramarathon Race. Continue reading

This Is How They Do It Here! #1

Having registered on line a week before, the following is my confirmation letter to participate in the Bulldog 50K Trail Ultra Run. Please note that this letter was sent to my e-mail address one month before the race day, 23 August 2008. In this letter is a detailed information and instructions to follow on the conduct of the race.

I hope this kind of arrangements or example of professionalism and efficiency will be applied in the Philippines.  Continue reading