Intro: 2013 HK 100 Trail Run

16 01 2013

This is the 3rd edition of this trail running race in Hongkong. It started with only 200 runners on its first edition and then followed with 750 runners on its 2nd edition and now, it has 1,213 participants coming from 40 different countries. The registration period lasted for only a few days.

The following is the tally of runners by each country.

20 Runners From The Philippines

21 Runners From The Philippines (Courtesy of Allen Lee of Malaysia)

This is the list of runners who will represent the country in this year’s edition.

1 Alen Alban
2 Marcelo Bautista
3 Almelito Casas
4 Fernando Cunanan Jr
5 Rienzirobert Del Rosario
6 Romulo Doctolero
7 Alain Cuchas Llaguno
8 Benson Martinez
9 Jonel Mendoza
10 Jones Mortega
11 Nixon Pasiken
12 Ralph Angelo Real
13 Gerald Sabal
14 Jessie Lou Sulague
15 Oliver Templo
16 Mark Carlo Villafuerte
17 Cheryl Bihag (F)
18 Verlie Bunao (F)
19 Laarni De Guzman (F)
20 Mallette De La Riva (F)

21 Manuel Dela Serna

Good luck to everybody.

To review on the last year’s edition of the race, you can click on the following links:

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