Running Pictures @ 2009 LA Marathon

30 05 2009

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My Kids’ LA Marathon Results

29 05 2009

John Paul finished the 2009 LA Marathon Race in 4:40:07 hours with an average pace of 10:41.2 minutes per mile. He finished # 3,874 place among the 14, 204 Finishers; making him # 3, 087 out of the 9, 011 Male Finishers. Within his age category of 30-34 years old, he placed # 421 out of 1,006 runners. As compared from his Inaugural Pasadena Marathon, he was able to improve him finish time due to an accident that happened to him at the middle of the race where he had to walk and limp to the Finish Line. As compared to his time in the 2008 Los Angeles Marathon which was 4:55:14 hours, he was able to improve his time by 15 minutes. Although he was not able to put miles in his training due to the pressure of his work, he was able to finish the race with a decent time.

Jovelle was the happiest among us because she was able to improve her time with a faster finish time. In her previous LA Marathon Races, she would finish along the borderline of 5 & 6 hours and sometimes more than 6 hours, however, in last year’s San Francisco Marathon, she was able to finish the hilly race in 5:41:28 hours. In last Monday’s Los Angeles Marathon, she was able to finish the race in 5:03:43 hours. If only she did not stop and fall in line to use the portalet along the way…and drank some beer along the last few miles, she could have been within the sub-5 hour finish time. She attributed her improvement by almost 38 minutes with her increased weekly mileage up to 40-45 miles. I told her to strengthen her legs some more before she would introduce “speed” training to her training so that she will not experience any injury.

Jovelle’s finish time registered an average pace of 11:35.2 minutes per mile. She placed # 5,593 out of 14,203 runners who finished the race. She placed # 1,312 out of the 5,193 female finishers. In her age category of 25-29 years old, she placed # 239 out of the 716 female finishers.

John Paul & Jovelle are continously training again and they are registered to run the 2009 San Francisco Marathon which will be held on 26th July 2009. It will be their second time to join this race. Moreover, they are planning to join their first Bulldog 25K Trail Run this coming August.

I guess, I am really a “bad” influence to my kids!

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