Running Pictures @ 2009 LA Marathon

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Select Race: LA Marathon 2009

Type my last name: Narcise

Type my Race Bib # 8155

Click: See My Photos


11 thoughts on “Running Pictures @ 2009 LA Marathon

  1. Very good form Sir Jovie, all they way to the finish. Back straight, standing tall – no slouching, controlled arm swings, just the right kick – not to high, smooth looking gait. Everything’s moving forward fluidly and in control. I noticed the same form from many of the runners from your teams.


    • rick, i think i am dong the POSE method of running without knowing it…what i know is that i am doing “shuffle” to protect my knees and my leg muscles from being strained. i guess, that is how “old people” are supposed to run efficiently..hahaha!


  2. Sir Jovie, wow – really nice pictures – the angles and the shots are really good. It sure pays off to join this kind of international event. Looking forward to my first ….. 😀


  3. Hello Mr. jovie- ive been checking your website ever since my brother George gave it to me and i really enjoyed reading your stuff about running.
    George whos been running crazy in the philippines and i even met you there during the Happy Run Marathon in January
    I am doing my first (officially) marathon tomorrow May 31,2009 7:30am for the HSBC Marathon here in Calgary Alberta.
    Thanks for this wonderful website about running ako nga pala si Garry
    Thanks again!`


    • garry, nice of you to have posted a comment. i consider george as one of my hardcore buddies in running. thanks for being a regular visitor on this site and i hope you were able to learns omething from my posts/stories. good luck in your first full a few hours, you will be at the starting line. please leave a comment as to the result of your run. thanks


  4. Hello Sir Jovie i finished my 10K run for 1:07:42! I pulled it off without breaks.
    I am happy with the way i run this is just the begining! I hope that i can do some marathons outside Canada maybe LA in the future.
    They got lots of free foods, sponsors like HSBC, Timex, Tim Hortons etc..
    Different participants from 18 countries like Philippines, Japan, UK,USA….
    Such a great experience!Thanks Sir Jovie for the inspiration!


  5. awesome! I’m thinking of running with ‘tongue wagging’ ala Michael Jordan for a change because you already did an ‘open wide’ gesture. haha

    Congrats and run stronger in your Milo elims…

    God bless.


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