Belmont High School Oval “Dirt” Track

Belmont High School is two blocks away from home and this is where I do my active recovery runs and speed runs for the duration of my “rest/vacation” here in Los Angeles, and this will be my “ULTRA Oval Track”. What is good about this track is that it is made from the ordinary soil from the desert of California. It is a “dirt” oval track which is the same texture of soil that you see along the mountail trails and fire roads in the mountains here. However, it is better to run on the dirt/soil rather than running in an asphalt or concrete road. What is bad about the “dirt” track is that your shoes would easily become dirty because of the dust that stick on every part of your shoes to include the socks. I like running in this kind of track, whether I use my trail shoes or my training shoes as if I am running along the mountain trails. I usually use my TNF Arnuva 50 BOA when I run along this track because I could feel and hear the “crashing” sound of the shoes pounding on the sandy soil and my feet are more responsive to the ground.

I did a 35-minute recovery run a day after the Los Angeles Marathon and I was doing 80% of my effort with an average pace of 5:40 minutes per kilometer and an average heart rate of 144 bpm.

On the following day, I did another 30-minute slow run at my 70% of my total effort with an average pace of 6:50 minutes per kilometer and an average heart rate of 135 bpm. However, after the slow run, I tried to do some “speed” intervals every lap just to measure the distance of the oval track with a rest/recovery of one minute. I did 4 X 400 meters with an average pace of 1:52 minutes per kilometer and the oval has a distance of 408 meters at the inner edge. I had an average of heart rate of 152 bpm. The dirt oval track has no designated lane number. After the intervals, I slowly jogged to the house and did my post stretching exercises.

"Dirt" Oval Track
"Dirt" Oval Track With Water/Mud At The Inner Lane
My Running Shoes Gather Dusts While Running
My Running Shoes Gather Dusts While Running
High School Students Are Fast Runners Because of The Oval Track
High School Students Are Fast Runners Because of The Oval Track

I don’t know if all the runner-bloggers in the Philippines has a copy of the June 2009 issue of the Runner’s World Magazine. It would be nice if all of our runners, most expecially the beginners, has the chance to read the said magazine. In pages 65-69, the author of the article “Get On Track”, Erin Strout, has made a very good and very detailed presentation on everything a runner would know about an Oval Track from the definitions of terms on “speed” training, rules in using the oval, how to train at the oval, and workouts you can do. What is very important in this article is a pictorial/drawing of the oval with the RULES TO BE FOLLOWED. There is a Survey made with the question, “What’s your pet peeve on the track?” and the number one in the survey is, “Walkers In Lane One”. Very true! Everywhere not only at the ULTRA Oval Track!

Because of the overcast sky since Sunday and with a low temperature in the early morning, I usually do my running workouts at 10:00 AM when the clouds start to open up. I will have a one-day rest and resume my long runs this weekend.

Yes, I am preparing for the MILO Marathon Eliminations!

4 thoughts on “Belmont High School Oval “Dirt” Track

  1. There is a race called Stair Climb to the Top around 3rd week of Oct. at US Bank Tower (first foto). Record is 9 mins+. This 75 story bldg is the tallest building west of Mississipi. One scene from the movie Independence Day (Will Smith) was filmed on top of that building. I haven’t run in a track oval for a long time. Most of the tracks near my house are closed in the evening or charge fees. My speed training are short hill repeats around Rose Bowl, Pasadena.


    • ben, i think hill repeats are more powerful source of speed than doing at the oval track. anyway, there are a lot of uphill climbs near my place and i intend to vary my speed training here. good luck on your SD100 this weekend. have fun!


  2. The only time I was able to run in an oval was when I joined the Milo Laoag last year. I’m praying that our government will give attention for local officials to put Oval field in every towns here in our country, in San pedro Laguna, I don’t know if there’s an oval here.

    Sana Sir yumaman tayo para papatayo ako ng oval sa harap ng house ko hehehe.

    See you.


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