Picture Of The Week #25

2014 TNF Phil 100
2014 TNF Phil 100

4 thoughts on “Picture Of The Week #25

  1. Joe Saley

    Congrats BR. for gd job in the TNF 100. Never seen U wear long tights like the CWX. Maybe on parts of course where there is long vegetation only, U can use it to help ward off those pesky leeches then change at designated areas since U know the course well. Only a suggestion..Any way, TNF is “In the bag”. Thank you so much for your invaluable & priceless reports. I am tempted to do trail races too.The closes I did was the Spider Trail Run FaRt series last month. Do rest well & take care.


    1. Last February in Jonel’s H1 100-Mile Hardcore Trail Run, I was wearing a compression tights, 2XU, and I did not have much bites from leeches but they got me in my arms.


  2. Joe Saley

    I know what U mean. Long sleeve tees(under armour,cwx or similar tech brands) would have been nice.The arm warmers should also have helped
    some. But nothing is perfect. There’s always something that goes wrong.
    My best regards.


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