Getting Even

This government institution and its people had humiliated my Alma Mater, the institution where I’ve worked for almost 38 years, and the organization where I am a member. Personally, I was humiliated also by this institution through one of their “investigations in aid of legislation” and it nearly cost the end of my professional career.


Now, as a retiree and a Senior Citizen, I am going to join this event tomorrow, Monday, as a show of support to the objective/s of this march.

I will be having my Long Slow Distance (LSD) Run from the Parking Area in front of the Philippine Army Officers Clubhouse at the Headquarters of the Philippine Army in Fort Bonifacio to Km Post #0 in Luneta Park. The run will start at 6:15 AM and hope to arrive in Luneta Park on or about 9:00 AM. After a short meeting and “photo-ops” with my ultra running friends and friends on Facebook for about 30-45 minutes, I will be going back to where I started by running.


If you have the time and plan to join the march, you are invited to join me in my run. If you can not make it at the Starting Place, it would be nice to meet you within the vicinity of Km Post #0 in front of the Rizal Monument, across Roxas Boulevard from 9:00-9:30 AM.

This is my way of getting even to these people. See you!

(Note: Pictures Copied From Facebook)


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