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I have been reviewing my earlier posts in this blog and it appears that I was using this blog as my personal diary of my daily runs; running events where I participated and other activities related to my job before. However, it was after few years that started telling my readers about my job.

I also used this blog to repost articles that are related to running in any place of the world. I also mentioned top finishers of running events that would interest me and thought of sharing it to other people.

This blog’s posts slowly transformed to specific kind of running which is ultra marathon/ultra running when I started to think about the conduct of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102). This race leads to the creation of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) which is the National Sports Federation for Ultra Running in the Philippines, the 46th member country among the 76 member-nations under the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).

The conduct of the first two editions of the BDM 102 gave rise to the conduct of ultra marathon races in the country and this blog became a platform to promote PAU Races. PAU, in turn, promoted awareness on ultrarunning events to interested runners from 50K, 60K, 80K, 100K, 160K distances and later to multi-stage ultra events.

More Race Directors/Organizers came into the picture, creating more choices to every runner and the rest is history.

This blog became an “all-around website” for PAU Races, as well as, races/events of the Bald Runner and I now seldom post about my daily runs and my personal thoughts about running.

With the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms, the more that I could not make a regular update with this blog.

Facebook became my “daily blog” where I make some sort of a diary with my regular runs and my thoughts about running. I even mix it up about my thoughts on politics and sports excellence program of the government. My “status” and comments on Facebook would generate an immediate feedback from my “friends”. And in the end, Facebook became my daily blog.

However, if there is something that I would like to be known to most of the ultra runners and “friends” about the details of my races and their results, I would make a link on my FB status so that they could read my post in my blog.

I would like to go back to my blogging days again on this site. I wish I could recall those adventure runs that I’ve done for the past months of this year and post them here. I will try my best to post them as I am preparing again for another adventure run in the near future. If this means a lesser exposure on Facebook or in any of the social media platforms, this blog will be updated on a regular basis.

This is now my commitment. Write and publish more posts on this blog and let those “good old times” be back and make this blog as my personal diary in running and repository of my personal thoughts on different issues and concerns that affect my daily life.

Keep on running!

(Note: This is my 1,430th post in this blog!)


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