Marcelo Is OUT!

Since the 3rd week of February this year, Marcelo, the Champion, is NO longer under the care and supervision of Team Bald Runner/PAU. He had been on his own to run in any ultra race that he wants to run into since he was out from the control of PAU.

Marcelo is a good example of an Ultra Champion in the country who could be developed and nurtured for other greater international exposure as seen from his splendid performance in this year’s VIBRAM Hongkong 100K Ultra Trail Run. But due to  simple reasons of hard-headedness and for not following instructions from his “handler/manager”, his future for more international exposure is now uncertain and might not happen under the auspices of the National Federation of Ultrarunning, PAU.

I would not mind if another “Good Samaritan” will be able to provide support to Marcelo again.

What a waste of talent!


2 thoughts on “Marcelo Is OUT!

  1. tony jimenez

    that is very sad Sir Jovie. I pray that he will come around.

    God bless the works of your hands.

    Tj Jimenez

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