Result: 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile

4 08 2012

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile held this morning at the IT Park, Cebu City. Congratulations to all the participants/finishers!

Cebu Runner In Action

Fun & Experience!

Thank You & Congratulations, Cebu City!


RANK N    A      M    E T    I  M  E
1 Noel Tillor 7:27
2 Renan Panimdim 10:26
3 Dominic Panimdim 11:53
4 Earth Maribojoc 12:53
5 James Francis Aguas 16:47
6 Theodore Zamora 17:01
7 Ryan Gonzaga 19:07
8 Catalino Rosales 19:52
9 Boo Toledo 22:27
10 John Domingo 29:32
11 Kathrina Perez (F) 42:11
12 Coleen Digman (F) 45:48



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