Result: 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s Cebu BEER Mile held this morning at the IT Park, Cebu City. Congratulations to all the participants/finishers!

Cebu Runner In Action
Fun & Experience!
Thank You & Congratulations, Cebu City!


RANK N    A      M    E T    I  M  E
1 Noel Tillor 7:27
2 Renan Panimdim 10:26
3 Dominic Panimdim 11:53
4 Earth Maribojoc 12:53
5 James Francis Aguas 16:47
6 Theodore Zamora 17:01
7 Ryan Gonzaga 19:07
8 Catalino Rosales 19:52
9 Boo Toledo 22:27
10 John Domingo 29:32
11 Kathrina Perez (F) 42:11
12 Coleen Digman (F) 45:48

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