Facebook To Facemedia & BDM Races

Since July 2011, I started not to read the newspapers, watch the television, listen to the Radio on FM or AM and drink Coke or any carbonated drinks. But I started to spend more time with Facebook. By sharing my blogposts immediately to Facebook and within a few seconds I get immediate feedback and comments. Nowadays, I seldom get comments posted on my blog but once I post a link on Facebook, I get a lot of hits in my blog and most of the time, lots of comments are immediately posted on my status on Facebook. Very nice!

I started also to post my Race Events on my Wall at Facebook and the feedback is also amazing. Facebook is slowly taking over the power of the blogs. I had been reading a lot of NOTES on Facebook and they seem to take over the blogs, too!

News of events are published on Facebook faster than the On Line version of the printed newspapers which give me the prediction that these printed media/newspapers will be things of the past…soon!. I could still remember when I organized the first edition of the BDM 102 four years ago. I sent a lot of e-mails to the sports editors of the different newspapers with the purpose for the BDM 102 to be advertised as a new sports event to commemorate our past heroes in World War II. But none of my requests were published! Now, I don’t need to beg for help from these sports editors as I could simply post an Event in my Wall on Facebook and my races are known among hundreds and thousands of runners within a blink of the eye!

So, what am I trying to drive at? Facebook has already replaced the newspapers, TV, and the radio! There is no need to buy an space for ads in the newspapers. There is no need to buy an “air time” on radio and TV in order to advertise your product and services. Facebook will do it for you…FREE, anytime of the day within the comforts of your place. There is no need to listen to music as more and more FB users are posting Music Videos by your popular singers, old and new! Dead or living!

For the 2013 BDM 102 and 160 Ultra Marathon Races, application to participate in these events will be done on Facebook. I will create an Event Page for each Event and you can now apply for the race by stating your full name, age, latest Marathon Race & Finish Time on the Status of the Event Page. Individual Letter of Invitation will be sent through the participant’s Message (PM).

If you are intending to join these races, you have to start coming up with your own Facebook account NOW. It is very easy and fast!

Application for the 2013 BDM 102 & 160 Ultra Marathon Races will start on April 1, 2012 on Facebook ONLY.

Good luck and Train well.


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