History Of Running In Japan

I’ve witnessed how the Japanese run in the Jeju International 100K Ultra Marathon Race (South Korea) and in the Soochow University 24-Hour Endurance Run (Taiwan) in 2010. In the late 70s and whole of 80s, I’ve seen on TV and documentary films how the Japanese long distance/marathon runners dominated the world’s best and popular road races including the Olympic Games. Now, there are also emerging as one of the best in ultrarunning events in the world.

I have the belief that we could also emulate or learn something from them because we have the same built and the same attitude in life. Although long distance running training and competition had been with them for almost 90 years and took them 30+ years to come up with their first Olympic Gold Medal in the Marathon, I have the positive outlook that we can attain such goal in the coming generation of younger runners.

I have discovered an article that had been published in the Running Times Magazine and written by Brett Larner with the detailed description on the history of running in Japan.

Enjoy your day and be inspired by this article: Handing Off The Tasuki by Brett Larner.

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