“It’s the passion, not the money, stupid!”

Race Report: Trail Running 101 10K & 14K @ Dinalupihan, Bataan/January 21, 2012

To some (or most?), organizing a running event is a business affair. I will not tell you the indicators if you want to know if a running event is being organized for the purpose of raising some funds for a certain cause or charity but only to realize that it is simply to rake one’s money for profit. If you are a runner who had been in such races for the past years, you probably know or smart enough to find out what I am talking about.

The conduct of the 1st Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Trail Endurance Run last December 2012 brought me some observations and lessons to be learned. It gave me the opinion that our road runners are not yet fully skilled and exposed to trail running. It is for this reason that I came up with the idea of coming up with a “graduated” exposure of trail running of those who are interested to experience the “outdoors”, meaning, the mountains and other areas outside the city and urban environment.

I want my ideas done and implemented immediately as there is no need for a corporate entity to back me up. In the first place, corporate entities take a lot of time to decide, not unless you are talking to the owner of the company! Who needs them anyway? (They will always tell you to wait for the signing of the contract and keep you waiting even if they have given the contract to another event organizer without even giving the information that they “dumped” you!). Basically, the participation and interest of runners would be enough to support the implementation of my idea.

So, yesterday (Saturday), the Trail Running 101 Series was born! There were six (6) runners who registered for the 16K distance while two (2) runners in the 10K category. Out of the eight runners, one is a lady runner. All of them finished the run and I could see on their faces that they were happy to experience trail running along the vicinity of the “Brown Mountain”, my training “playground” in the mountains of Dinalupihan, Bataan. The following were the results:

14K Run

1. Freddie Mercado—1:43:47 Hours

2. Jael Wenceslao—1:53:15

3. Noel Miano—2:05:12

4. Reginald Tan Bueno—2:43:00

5. Maria Stephanie Atutubo Zamora Hefti—3:19:12

6. Benjh German—3:23:54

10K Run

1. Elmer Oropieza—1:14:45 Hours

2. Igne Pablito—1:15:06

3. Jael Wenceslao—1:33:12

*Jael Wenceslao ran the 10K event after he finished the 14K run.

The next event of the Trail Running 101 series will be on February 26, 2012 with two distances: 16K and 21K runs! The venue/location is still the same but will have the start time to be earlier at 5:30 AM. The registration details will be posted soon in this blog with limited slots for both runs.

Trail Running 101 Batch #1
Lead Runner of the 10K Event
#1 Freddie Mercado
#2 Jael Wenceslao
#3 Noel Miano
#1 Sports Drinks For Runners!
Nice Touch! (Km Post Marking)

Going back on the title of this post, we have proven once again that we simply have the passion to share to everybody the ideas we would like to be implemented for the benefit of the running community. We don’t think about the money we gain or lost, we simply want to share what it is like to run on the “outdoors” and enjoy the beauty of the mountains & be able to commune with nature!

Thanks to all the runners; BR’s Staff; Volunteers; and to John “Jepoy” Avellanosa for those nice pictures!

See you on the next edition of the Trail Running 101 Series!

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