6 06 2011

Hiking While On Recovery

This picture says it all about my present condition. I’ve been hiking, sometimes jogging, for the past weeks.

During my dull moments, I’ve been making a lot of research about hiking the wilderness and the art of “fast and light” backpacking and its techniques which are abundant in printed references, journals, and through the Internet. We will see what this activity will offer us in the future as an incoming “senior citizen”.

By the way, do we have a national government office in the Philippines that administers all the National Parks and Wilderness Areas in the country?




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7 06 2011
Digital Buddy

Great post thanks for sharing. I love to travel very often.

7 06 2011
TGE Blog Admin

Hi Sir Jovie,

The closest national government office we have that oversees the national parks is Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the DENR. Moreover, local government units also administers the areas in their own jurisdiction.


8 06 2011

yes, we have the NIPAS(natonal integrated protected areas) that oversees our national parks and wilderness.

8 06 2011

I love being outdoors away from the suffocating streets of the metro! If only i have the luxury of travelling often.

Keep it up Mr. BR!

12 06 2011
Dan Simon Dizon

Hi sir, off-topic… Hope to get in touch with you. We’re planning to have a talk about running in our company. Don’t know how to contact you, my email add:

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