2nd RIZAL Day Run Guidelines

2nd RIZAL Day 32K Run: 5:30 AM December 27, 2010

The 2nd RIZAL Day Run will be conducted on December 27, 2010 inside Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The Assembly time will be at 5:00 AM and the race will start at 5:30 AM in front of the GHQ Grandstand. Runners will have to run 4 & ¾ loops along the 7-Km route inside the camp. There will be 3-4 Aid Stations along the route that will serve water, sports drinks, cola drinks, and limited “bite” foods. The registration fee is P 650.00.

There is no cut-off time for this run as it will be a good long run for those who are preparing for the 2nd Cebu Marathon, BDM 102 50K “Test Run”/BDM 102, Condura Skyway Marathon, and for those who will be joining the 2nd TBR Dream Marathon.

Each finisher will be receiving a Finisher’s Memento, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and a Certificate. Proceeds of this race will be used to support the training of the Elite Team Bald Runner.

This race has a limited slot for only 200 runners. Since we will be allowing “on-site” registration on race day, there is a possibility that the number of runners will increase. We, therefore, ask for those who will be finishing the race from #201 and beyond that their Finisher’s Memento and Shirts will be given to them on a later date or on the first road race of January 2011.

Parking of vehicles will be limited on the sides of the GHQ Grandstand, the Parking Area of the GHQ Officers’ Clubhouse, and at the St Ignatius Cathedral Parking Area. Runners will not be allowed to park along the exit portion going to Capinpin Road which is the space beside the statue of General Emilio Aguinaldo. (Note: Please don’t park on the grass portion of the Parade Ground, infront of the GHQ Grandstand!)

It is recommended that runners who will be registering “on site” should proceed to Camp Aguinaldo at least one hour before gunstart to facilitate easier processing. If a runner is entering Camp Aguinaldo before 5:00 AM, it is advisable to enter through Gate #1 at Boni Serrano Ave. (formerly Santolan Road) as it is the only Gate open before 5:00 AM. Gate #3 along EDSA is scheduled to open at 5:00 AM.

There will be a Baggage Deposit Area at the GHQ Grandstand’s Signal & Communications Booth which will be manned by one of our staff.

There are two Comfort Rooms located at the Back of the Grandstand. During the race, the Comfort Rooms of the Daza Park, located between Km#3 and Km#4, will be open to all the runners. Runners may also use the Comfort Rooms at the GHQ Fire Station along Capinpin Road (vicinity Km #1 of the loop).

Camp Aguinaldo is declared as a “Joggers & Bikers Zone” but runners should take precaution in crossing at intersections. Runners are also advised to run on the road, facing the incoming traffic. And for those who will be using “wires” (headphones & MP3/music players), please stay vigilant and observant of vehicles around you.

Ice- cold beer will be available at the Finish Line courtesy of frontRunner Magazine and Friends of Bald Runner!

Good luck, maintain a “no pressure” attitude during the run, have fun and let us burn lots of calories this time!!!

We Are Going "Pink" This Time!

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