“At Last!”

 At last, the Bald Runner is featured on a Cover Page of a Magazine! I would be a hypocrite if I don’t accept the fact that I’ve been longing to appear in one of the Sports/Running Magazines that are in publication right now. Last year, one of the lady runners asked me why I am not being featured in some of the sports magazines since almost all the runners read my blog and always see me in weekend road races. I answered her that the publisher/s might be afraid to ask me such proposal because of my background as a retired General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Or it could be a other way around, my appearance might be a “down-turner” and does not have an appeal to the readers. Their reasons could be both but I really don’t know!

What I like about Jonel Mendoza, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the FrontRunner Magazine, is that he is a “risk-taker” and “bold” in his approach to feature our local elite long distance runners; our local coaches; running clubs (whether they are “epal” or not); non-celebrity runners; and even professionals who have “day/night jobs” who are into running. He wants all runners from all walks of life to be featured in those limited number of pages in his magazine, from Batanes to Sulu, so to speak! And sometimes, from our Pinoy runners overseas!

FR Magazine's Christmas 2010 Issue

I hope more of our local elite and non-elite runners will be featured as cover page of this runner’s magazine. It is so sad to see that my favorite Runners’ World Magazine had been consistently featuring beautiful lady runners in “sexy” running apparel in their cover pages and I am hoping that Jonel’s FrontRunner Magazine will not follow this kind of approach in his marketing strategy. Please don’t transform a Runner’s Magazine into a GQ or Esquire Magazine; or even attempt to come up with a “Swimsuit Edition/Issue”!!!

Picture Page Inside FR Magazine

I was on my way to the airport for Taipei, Taiwan when this FR Magazine issue was released last December 8 and it was only last Sunday, that I appeared in one of the weekend races at McKinley Hill for Eric Pasion’s Run For Change. Surprisingly, all the FR Magazines displayed at the booth were all sold out after the race! I was there to sign each magazine being sold and with a bonus photo-ops with each runner who bought the said magazine! (Note: More copies of the FR Magazine will be available after the Rizal Day Run on December 27 at Camp Aguinaldo and I will be there to sign your purchased copy of the magazine)

Signing Session @ The Run For Change Event

Now, I would like to know from Jonel if his magazine sales for this issue had “spiked” as compared from his previous published issues! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Me & Jonel of FrontRunner Magazine

Merry Christmas!!!


10 thoughts on ““At Last!”

  1. BR, next time you visit will you bring me an autographed version and yes I am being totally serious, only if there are extra copies of course. There might not be since it seems they were selling like hotcakes. You should be in the magazines since you do a lot of work promoting running in the country – from sponsoring teams, holding workshops, to running races there and abroad, pushing for the formation of PAU, blogging about your experiences and organizing your own races.

    Also from a graphic designer’s standpoint I really like the way the cover is laid out, the designer did a great job with the typography – looks simple but not easy to do, kind of like running sometimes. Through ARC in Los Angeles I got the August copy sent by Jonel. The inside looks just as good with a lot of photos, informative articles nicely laid out. Showed it to a friend who was blown away at how well the magazine looked. Makes me wish I can get it over here.

    Lastly, I’m all for more “sexy” ladies in the magazine! Hahaha. C’mon just a few more. I’d like to throw in my vote for a swimsuit edition too.


    1. kingofpots

      rick, for sure i’ll give you one! i have a reserved copy for you already. i am sure jonel was able to read you comment on this post. i know already what is in the mind of the publisher–by next year, you will be one of the featured runners for the magazine!


  2. bugobugo

    sir, in behalf of frontRUNNER Magazine, i would like to thank you for not hesitating to accept the invitation to grace our christmas edition. for all the work that you have done and and are still going to do for the running community, you are most deserving to be featured.

    i hope that in our own small way, we are able to reach across each and every kind of runner. we will continue to work hard on our end to make each issue worth your money and time. as for the future cover and articles, i can assure you sir that there will be no compromises and we shall stick to our standards.

    again sir, our heartfelt gratitude for the time and effort you gave us in making this issue the best-selling yet!

    good luck in all your endeavors.

    God bless you.


  3. kingofpots

    you are welcome..the pleasure was mine and i am glad that you reported to me that this is the bestseller issue, so far! remember to take that “extra mile” and the “road less traveled”. congtatulations & happy holidays!


  4. Joe Saley

    Congratulations BR! About time for you to be featured. With all your work and accomplishments in running, you deserve it. Thanks for all you do as well as being a good role model. Keep up the good work and nice running. Take care and “Maligayang Pasko sa inyo po”. Have a good day/night. Ang inyong taga-hanga.


    1. Joe Saley

      Am not into ultras but would love to do the BDMs or any of your ultra series. Maybe one of these days when I’ll be there to train for it as I’m not used to the hot weather. Any way, like you said, hope we cross paths in future races. Take care & my best regards.


    1. kingofpots

      arthur, thanks. jonel & i will make sure you will get an autographed copy of this edition. good luck on your future races. happy holidays!


  5. fanaticinformant

    Sayang you were abroad when they launched it at the Front Runner clinic! 🙂 Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the Christmas issue! Merry Christmas and have a blessed year ahead!


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