The Cost Of Running

The Cost Of Running…Outside The Country

  1. In my recollection, it was only Albert Salazar aka Run2DMoon who posted in his blog the expenses and cost that he has to spend in his training and sometimes, his expenses in participating to road races, to include his past BDM 102 editions. In summary, it showed that training and joining to road races entail a lot of money from one’s pocket. However, I have yet to read his story on his running costs if ever he had joined a race outside the country. This gives me to go to my next topic.
  2. How much does a runner spend for her/him to participate in a Marathon Race in the West/USA or in any of the countries in ASIA? I made my research to those runner-bloggers and other finishers in Marathon Races in the US & other countries on their account and stories about their experience but you could NOT see or read anything that states on their financial/costs they have incurred in joining these races outside the country. I am also guilty with this but it is also nice to know how much would it cost for a runner to join these races outside the country for reference purposes. Who knows I might be teaching or providing important information to those who are planning to join these road/trail races. Well, if you are rich and have a lot of money to spare, then this is not problem to you!
  3.  Of course, expenses start with your training and preparation for the race. Second step is to apply a Visitor’s VISA to the embassy/consulate where you are going. Third step is to register ON LINE on the Marathon Race’s Website. Once you receive your confirmation letter to join the said race, it’s time to arrange for your travel and accommodation. This is a tricky part because you have to find out the “low-season” and “high-season” periods so that you can save a lot in the purchase of your flight ticket. If you don’t have any relatives and friends in the US/City where the Marathon will be held, you have to arrange for your hotel accommodation. In order to save some money for your car rental, you can avail of the suggested hotels by the Race Organizers which are near to the Start/Finish Area. Now, the next part will be to budget or come up with your expenses/cost for your daily needs—food, water, Sports Drinks, and others! Lastly, if you intend to “shop” at the Race Expo for running-related items, that is another added cost to your budget.
  4. Let us now make a concrete presentation of numbers or estimate of expenses on your plan. Assuming that you don’t have the intention of buying a “special” apparel for this event, then we’ll be saving on your fashion statement. Below is my estimate if you plan to join a marathon race in the western part of the USA.

 a. Training Expenses (For 4 Months)——————————P 10,000

b. VISA Application (USA) ——————————————-       5,000

c. Round Trip Ticket (Economy) + Travel Tax + Airport Fees–   60,000

d. Registration Fees ($250-$300)———————————–    12,000

e. Hotel Accommodation (@ $100 a day X 3 days)————     13,500

f. Food/Snacks/Drinks (@ $50 a day X 5 days)——————-  12,000

g. Misc Expenses———————————————————  15,000

   T  O  T  A  L———————————————————–P 127,500

I guess, if you run a marathon race in the eastern part of the USA, you have to add 1/3 of the total amount. This is not the exact expenses or cost for an “experience in running” but I think it is the most conservative amount you need if you plan to run a marathon race in the USA. (Note: I am sorry for the inaccurate conversion from the appropriate currency to our Peso. The total amount could be lesser/more than what is presented.)

That’s a lot of money! You must be rich or a thrifty guy like the Ilocanos or the Boholanos who can save this kind of money for an experience of participating in a marathon race outside the country.

Now, if you read this post and you have experienced joining a marathon race outside the country, you can inform us also about the costs you incurred to participate in such event. If you are living in the US and/or coming from other countries, you can also leave your comment on how much you spent in joining a road race in the Philippines.

(Note: This post is also directed to all the triathletes who have joined or intending to join future Ironman 70.3 events in other countries and/or the Kona Ironman in Hawaii, USA)

14 thoughts on “The Cost Of Running

  1. That is a whole lot of money, out of reach for many folks including the talented ones. Disheartening news for many. What is great about the running revolution there is that there are now more races in the country and it seems to continue growing. How many more ultra-marathon events are available now as opposed to just a couple of years ago.

    Funny thing, last week a couple of athletes in my triathlon club were trying to rally members to race a 70.3 Ironman event in the Philippines for 2011. They wanted a big group to make it fun and more economical. The big issue was the cost of flights and lodging.


    1. kingofpots

      rick, the funny thing here is that the local triathletes are complaining about the costs of registration fees and other incidental expenses to join the CAMSUR Ironman 70.3.


      1. kingofpots

        rick, for a filipino elite runner to join a marathon race outside the country is very expensive. an elite runner can not afford such cost except if he/she is sponsored/supported by somebody or earned as an award/prize for winning a local marathon event. MILO Phils. had been awarding the top runners for a trip & entry to the Boston or New York Marathon but it resulted to some “embarassing” outcome (like athletes going on “TNT”, etc!). i guess, corporate sponsors no longer award this kind of prize.


  2. BR, I still hope that they would revive that kind of reward especially for the key marathon races in the PHilippines. we need a way to showcase our best athletes to the world. and I think if the races are chosen strategically, they can/will finish in the top 10 if not podium. …still dreaming big. :o)


    1. kingofpots

      you are right. it’s about time to expose our elite runners outside the country. it’s the only way they cam improve. but the problem is..who will bring them to these international running events. if the kenyans can compete here, i think pinoys can compete in africa, too!…hahaha! of course, dreams are free!


  3. i2runner

    I was fortunate to travel 2 months ago to Belgium for a business trip, my company shouldered everything. I joined their local 21K race, I believe the registration was worth only 10Euros, but my friendly Belgian colleagues paid for it. It was quite cheap, but it was a minor race with no timing chips. But because of the perfectly flat race course and perfect climate for running, I had a fast new PR there.

    But I wouldn’t pay that much just to join races outside the Philippines, unless there are other reasons to go abroad, like work related, or seeing your family there. I wouldn’t go to Singapore just to race their marathon there, they have relatively warmer climate there, unless it’s for tourism. I would rather spend my P125,000 joining high quality local races like BDM, Condura, RUNRIO, and Milo Marathons.


    1. kingofpots

      you are lucky natz for that Belgium trip with a PR half-marathon on the side. you are right, spending for races within the country would be more rational. we are still waiting for you to join us in our PAU & BDM races. see you soon!


  4. lynxspider

    In my neck of the woods, there is a free marathon held every June – the Green River Marathon from Kent to Seattle WA. Check out the review from those who ran this one The official website is School and injuries prevented me from participating on this one . If you want a t-shirt, I think it cost $15.00. The Seattle Rock and Roll marathon cost $130.00 which is held every August (


    1. kingofpots

      wow! a free marathon Race is a nice concept. i guess, it should be the government who would initiate this kind of arrangement. thanks for the comment.


  5. rrwashing

    My point of view is coming the other way. I’m coming to Philippines from the US(East Coast). When I added up running shoes to train and run in, training supplies(which I initially left out), plane ticket, hotel, rental car, entry fee for BDM102, food, misc, it came out to be about $3000. I’m not rich or thrifty, I have just think that this is a run/experience that I want to do and will remember forever.


    1. kingofpots

      thanks for the comment and for joining the 2011 BDM 102. running an event which has historical significance and getting some “running” experience to have some fun and trying to test your body limits is something that is “priceless”. i am sorry to say that there are only few of this kind of race that commemorates an event in the history of mankind and warfare on the exact place where such event happened. good luck and train well.


  6. nerilim

    The quest to do the 50-States (marathons) cost me $47,000 including my wife’s airfare. This covers registration, food, lodging, car rentals, and site seeing. It’s about the average among those who finish it. The lowest I knew was $7,500 by a running who use his little RV and just drive around the states often times doing double or triple marathons on a weekend.
    I figure that doing the Eclipes marathon (2012) in Australia and Antartica (2014) will cost me $5,000 per person.
    I need to see a psychiatrist. 🙂


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