Pictures @ Jeju Ultramarathon Race

@ The Lobby of the Athletes Village (Jeju Oriental Hotel)
@The Starting Area
Hon. Jun Sang Yu, Chairman & Financier of the Event
Korean Runners In The 200K Race
Frank Indapan Pacing With A South Korean Ultrarunner
Alquin Bolivar Approaching 50K Mark in 3:26+hours
That's Me Running Along The Coast of Jeju Island
Awarded With 50K Finisher's Medal by the Race Director
100K Finish Line @ Jeju World Cup Stadium
Alquin Bolivar Crossing The Finish Line in 9:03:06 Hours (Ranking: #6 IAU Member)
Frank Indapan Crossing The Finish Line In 12:48:40 Hours

5 thoughts on “Pictures @ Jeju Ultramarathon Race

  1. Congratulations to you and your team sir!

    I hope your team gets to see more international action kasi magagaling talaga sila.

    On a lighter note, parang napwersahan yata kayo mag tights sa lamig sir. =)


    1. kingofpots

      heidi, thanks! i’ll try my best to send our runners in international ultra races sanctioned by the IAU as long as we have the support from the running community. yes, running in jeju island with an 8 celcius temperature was unthinkable for us who are used to hotter temperature. we were glad that there were no strong winds coming from the sea during the race.


  2. Tin

    Oh my, I could imagine how cold it is from your layered clothes! And the others are in plain singlet and shorts shorts….Great, great job! running in 8 degrees, whew! Congratulations again! Sir Jovie, you’re dream for the team BR has been achieved. Cheers to conquering more international races for the Filipino elites!


    1. kingofpots

      thanks, tin. without your support and your prayers this exposure for our athletes would not be possible. with more training and international exposure, our runners could run at par with the japanese & korean runners in ultra distance distance races. they had been running ultra races for the past 9-10 years and we just started. the cold temperature was really a big problem to us who are used to hotter temperature. thanks again! huwag kayong magsasawa sa pagtulong sa mga atleta natin. god bless!


  3. elleryho

    Congratulations guys. That’s so funny seeing you guys all layered up. 8 degrees celsius is perfect running temperature where I come from. I’d be in shorts and a singlet and loving it. Now you know how I felt going from below 0 degrees to 41degrees at BDM.


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