Running Is Like Eating My Dinner

For the month of October 2009, running and finishing road races (marathon & half-marathon) is like eating my formal dinner in a fine restaurant.

The 33rd MILO Marathon Finals last October 11 was for my Starters/Appetizer! I finished the race in 4:03:55 hours.

The Quezon City International Marathon Half-Marathon on October 18 was for  my Salad & Hot Soup! I finished the race as a “pacer & support crew” to my daughter, Jovelle with a time of 2:42+ hours

The SMART Subic International Marathon was the Main Course/Entree. The race started at 4:30 PM yesterday and I finished the race in sub-4 hours as planned with a time of 3:58:09 hours!

The ADIDAS King of the Road Half-Marathon Race early this morning was the Fruit Salad/Dessert. With barely 3 hours of sleep after coming from Subic Freeport, I finished this race in 2:01:08 hours!

The incoming Pasig River International Marathon on November 8 would be my Hot Coffee before I end my dinner!

To those who have finished the past races for this month and were able to attain their goals, my congratulations to you! And for those who will be running the New York Marathon, Pasig River International Marathon, SC Singapore International Marathon, and other Boston Marathon qualifying races in the United States, I wish you the best and injury-free finish!

See you on the road!

23 thoughts on “Running Is Like Eating My Dinner

  1. speedsterbikster

    congratulations sir jovie! great planning and “time management” of the races to think that they’re only a week apart each. congrats on a sub-4 performance in subic. the course was very tough and there was no more water more than half of the race distance, but nevertheless you were able to do a sub-4 finish. i have to wait for your review on the SIM though, because i dont know if the front runners were affected by the lack of water, abandoned water stations, dangerous pitch black bends and turns against incoming traffic, lack of marshalls, etc. just like how we experienced it.


    1. kingofpots

      i was really prepared for this race to include the needed support crew. i had a handy & light flashlight/key chain and running shorts with side pockets where i could place my gels & water/gatorade placed inside ice candy plastic bags. since i was on the upper 1/3 of the runners, there were still enough water in every water aid station along the route. however, there is a lot of room for improvement for this race.


  2. miraclecello

    Congratulations BR you are a glutton ha ha. Three of my climbing friends had their first bite last night and hail to them as well — Ver 5:05, Pie 5:13, and Marga 5:50+


  3. runnerforchrist

    Hats-off and congrats! I’m speechless with your accomplishments. You’re indeed too strong and powerful for us.

    God bless and cheers!


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  5. bugobugo

    to the “father” of team hardcore, once again,congratulations for a hardcore weekend of running.thank you for continuing to inspire not only the team but all the other runners. see you at the philippine international marathon on november 8 sir. and i hope at timex 21 for a “nightcap”.


    1. kingofpots

      it is an honor to be a part of your team hardcore! we run to set an example and inspire other people. but in the end, we love to run because it is fun!


  6. greencursor


    with the way you ran these races in succession, a more apt title would be “running is like eating peanuts.” your running prowess is indeed something to be envied by any aspirant in the sport.



    1. kingofpots

      thanks, nestor. i was tempted to say that “running is like experiencing the joy of sex”. if you remember the 1972 book entitled “The Joy Of Sex”, where sex is considered as gourmet/food, the act of running a series of marathon races would be nice perspective related to this book about the joy of sex! hehehe!


  7. Congratulations Sir Jovie on performing consistently amazing on all the races you mentioned! That was some interesting perspective on races, and come to think of it I missed dessert! 😀


  8. markfb

    Wow Br, a sub 4 and almost a sub 2 the following day… Galing!

    I hope to finally run my first marathon this coming Nov. 8. No more injuries (hopefully)!




    1. kingofpots

      carlo, thanks for the comment & visit. yes, you are right. there are more races to run in the future and i’ll try not to miss those good races.


  9. hi jovie… congratulations again for a strong finish in SIM…. it was really nice running along with you for more than half of the race… i can still recall we were pulling each other from fatigue and mental challenges during the last 5-6 km, while racing against time vs sub-4 finish… almost gave up there until i got my so-called second wind… if im not mistaken, we were able to pull off less than 5mpk pace over the last 3-4km…

    see you on PIM… rest and recover sir…..


    1. kingofpots

      junrox, thanks! it was a pleasure running with you on the 1st half until you ran faster but we got nearer with each other on that challenging uphill part at tipo area. however, your younger age and better training carried your body to a faster pace on the last downhill towards the last 2K of the race. good luck on your next race and hope to run with you again. see you at the starting line!


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