Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!!!

25 October 2009

I started this running blog last 25 October 2007 while I was the Commanding General of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army based in Camp Macario Peralta, Jr in Jamindan, Capiz. I was not new in blogging as I had a blog at Blogger where I posted my daily activities as the Commander of Philippine Army troops covering the islands of Western Visayas consisting of Panay, Negros, Guimaras, Cebu, and Bohol Islands with a strength of almost 10,000 troops and para-military personnel under my Command. My daily entries in my blog as the Commander was my “initiative” to link my Command with the members of the media who are based in key cities of the Islands. There was no need for the media practitioners to travel all the way to my camp in order to get information or interviews with me on the prevailing situation in my area of responsibility. Everybody could access me through the Internet.

As I started to run again and prepare myself to be competitive in marathon races, I tried to browse in the Internet and I was able to discover the blogsite of The Bull Runner and it gave me the idea to start a blog which devoted to my running experiences in the past, my running workouts, my insights about runnikng and sports, reading references about running, and my training plans in preparation for a race. And everything is history as it evolved into what it is today.

It is worthy to mention that after two years of blogging, I was able to publish 845 Posts and have received 4,132 Comments. The Total Views to this blog turned out to be 414,181 with an Average Daily Views of 811. Runners around the world had reached and visited this blog giving them a glimpse on the running activities and situation in the country, my advocacies, my projects & programs, as well as my adventure runs in the United States and my “dreams” and aspirations to make running as a source of pride for the country.

I hope I was able to share my past, present and future activities in running with this blog. If ever this blog was able to inspire and influence my readers to adhere to running as a means to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle, I hope that they would be able to inspire others also, whether within the family & relatives, among friends, among officemates, and to other people.

Let us be united in bringing the sports of running down to the “grassroots” for us to have a healthy and strong nation!

To all my visitors and readers, my deepest gratitude for making this blog a part of your daily life!

First Running Picture In This Blog
First Running Picture In This Blog
Finishing The 2009 Adidas KOTR On My 2nd Year Blogging Anniversary
Finishing The 2009 Adidas KOTR On My 2nd Year Blogging Anniversary

33 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!!!

  1. congratulations sir Jovie. you sure do know your blogsite’s statistics, galing!

    “Let us be united in bringing the sports of running down to the “grassroots” for us to have a healthy and strong nation!” tama ka BR, and at the rate road races are going, it looks like we are in that direction nga. KOTR’s runners was a good sight sa Kalayaaan flyover, naninilaw ang buong stretch.

    your blogsite clearly contributed to running’s popularity.


  2. Kudos to you Sir. You’re not only an inspiration to many but already a living icon in the running community. May you have more fruitful years ahead of you. Your wisdom and skills not only encourage us to continue but it serve as a guiding lamp as we run this road less traveled-by.

    Keep it up and thank you once again for sharing your insights unselfishly.

    God bless this blog and you, Sir Jovie.


  3. Sir, I truly believe that we runners should thank you for sharing with us your passion and advocacy! I think that every runner has picked up a few words of wisdom from your blog, which made them better runners and race organizers who have listened (or read) to your valuable suggestions to make the running experience truly enjoyable for everyone! (if only your blog can be read by our sports officials…) Of course, you can’t discount that there are detractors who would disagree with your advocacy or suggestions, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and you can’t please everyone.

    Congratulations once again, sir BR for your successful blog! And I hope that you would continue with your advocacy in the years to come!


    • i am sure there are politicians and sports officials reading this blog. as they say “reality hurts” but we need to tell them repeatedly with the hope that they would do something to improve their services. thanks for visiting this blog regularly.


  4. Hi BR, we’ve met personally already through Tin @ the Ultra, I’m a newbie runner and I regularly follow your blog. Very insightful I must say. I haven’t been able to practice regularly and Coach Titus said I had to run 5 times a week but my schedule just won’t permit it. Congratulations and cheers!


    • yes, i remember you. thanks for visiting this blog. my earlier posts would be helpful in your training. have faith in your capability and i know you will be stronger as you develop your endurance capability. follow your coach!


  5. Dear BR – Congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary. Indeed you have contributed a lot to the running community via your blog. More power to you. Btw, “your first running picture in this blog” you are very diferrent – still have more weight and definitely with a fairer complexion. After two years …. you look better and younger except nasunog na sa araw sa kakatakbo!


    • hahaha..you right! i was heavier two years ago. retirement from the active military service gave me more opportunities to help other people and be of service to our internet-friends. thanks for being the no. 1 supporter to this blog and to its advocacies. god bless!


  6. Happy anniversary BR!

    I’m surprised to find out our blogs have very similar beginnings — both were inspired by TBR.

    I really appreciate your very frank assessments and the straight-shooting comments here that no other writer/blogger would even care to point out.

    Keep up the good work sir.

    Best regards,



    • hi, haide, it was TBR who was the 1st blogger on running then. well, i guess, my assessments are based from experiences and exposure to many local and international races. lastly, it goes with the seniority factor! hehehe! thanks for the visits.


  7. time sure runs fast but so do you!

    congratulations sir jovie for everything about running and more!

    here’s to more kilometers on the road with you.


  8. Happy 2nd year anniversary and congratulations on your achievements both as a runner and as an inspiration and icon to Filipino runners.

    I’m sure many runners will find it hard to imagine a Philippine running community without The Bald Runner. I sure can’t 🙂


  9. jovie,

    my best wishes. the running community will be forever grateful for all your contributions to the promotion of the sport we love. mabuhay!



  10. congratulations sir jovie. more power and more kilometers to rack up! stay healthy and keep blogging sir! see you on the road!


  11. You look ‘taba’ in your first pic in the blog hehehe and look at your heavy metal watch hehehe

    Congratulation, BR! Keep on inspiring us…


    • yes, i was heavier then and my watch was casio titanium which is still lighter than my GF305. thanks for the regular visits and for supporting my advocacies.


  12. Sir Jovie, happy 2nd year anniversary to your site! I think I discovered your site around January of 2008, thou bullrunner, and your blog really inspired me to keep on running as best as I can.


  13. when i started running, the only 3 websites that I visit and got my info from are takbo.ph, TBR, and baldrunner.com. it is actually kinda weird for me to know that this blog itself is only 2 years old, it seems like it has been here forever. it surely has achieved a lot in the span of those 2 years! more power to your running and blogging, sir jovie!


  14. Earlier today, while I was running to the track for our workout, I listened to your interview at RunRadio. I’m finally catching up on my episodes. I remember you talking about how you got your blog started. Congratulations. I’ve enjoyed your reports and pictures Sir Jovie and I hope to continue to do so.


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