Finally…A Pair of Newton For Duncan!

Do you still remember Duncan, the 12-year old kid/runner who won in the BOTAK’s Paa-bilisan 1-Street Mile Race held at the UP Diliman Campus last month with a time of 4:36 minutes?

I was able to meet him again after I finished the ROTARun 21K race yesterday morning. He just finished his long run workout using the same “old and taped” shoes he used when I first featured him in this blog. His father was with him and I asked his permission for Duncan to join the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner for a “brunch” and meeting in our “training camp”/office after the Awarding Ceremony of the race event.

Finally, I handed Duncan a slightly “used” pair of Newton Racing Shoes which is one of the shoes donated by Mr. Jim Lafferty. The following pictures will show how happy this talented kid was after receiving the said shoes:

Duncan Wearing The Team Bald Runner Shirt
Duncan Wearing The Team Bald Runner Shirt
The Happy Duncan While Wearing His Newton Shoes
The Happy Duncan While Wearing His Newton Shoes

8 thoughts on “Finally…A Pair of Newton For Duncan!

  1. gingerbreadrunning

    So nice to hear Sir Jovie, I remember your feature on him a few months back. Feel-good story right there. Hope he runs well with it, and just goes to underscore the power of blogging even within the context of social advocacy 🙂 Keep it up sir!


  2. sir i won’t be surprised if a few years from now a Filipino athlete would make it big in international running events – and he would hold you crucial to his success. it’s because of your projects and efforts like this. keep it up!


  3. i2runner

    That kid must have VO2max way off the charts! I hope someday he’ll run a sub-4minute mile in the oval. Sir Jovie what is Duncan’s last name? Please keep us updated with his progress. Thanks!


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