SMART Subic International Marathon ’09

The following are the reasons why I am going to join the 2nd Subic International Marathon where SMART is the Major Sponsor of this running event:

1) Location of the Route—If you want a variety of running route in your Marathon running experience, then the route of the SMART Subic International Marathon is the best! The new SCTEX’s Floridablanca’s Exit/Entry will be the starting area and the finish line is located at the Remy Field’s Oval Track, inside the Subic Freeport. This is a chance to leave Metro Manila for awhile in order to change your running environment. As compared to the route in last year’s Marathon Race, this year’s route is more pleasing and better for the runners, most especially to those who are intending to finish their first Marathon Race.

SCTEX Pictures (Courtesy of
SCTEX Pictures (Courtesy of

2) Pollution-Free—Unlike in Marathon Races held in Metro Manila, the SMART SIM offers a race route that is free from pollution—air and noise pollution. The route is devoid of heavy traffic of vehicles, no buildings, no populated areas, and no distractions. No crazy or yelling drivers at you while you are running. No intersections and no pedestrians! Everything that you see around you along the route is the long asphalted road infront of you; the rice fields seen on both sides of the Expressway; hills and mountains on your front and right side and sometimes on your left side when the highway cuts through a hill.

3) Running Surface—The expressway is made of asphalt which a softer and more forgiving surface for our running legs than the concrete-paved roads. Runners would not notice it but the running surface in a marathon race gives a big factor on how our running legs perform in a long distance road race. However, since the cross-section view of the highway is curved on its edges, it is advisable for the runners to shift to the more level part of the highway. I am sure I will be running along that white paint protion on the edge of the road because it is softer than the asphalt.

 4) Time of the Race—The race starts at 4:00PM which I think will be the first full Marathon Race to be held on such time of the day in the history of Road Racing in the country. The North Star 10K Run in Laoag City & Paoay, Ilocos Norte is the only Road Race then that starts at 4:00PM on the 3rd Saturday of December. I am sure the sun is still on the west horizon and about to set. This is the time when the heat of the asphalt road and the cooler air that is brought by the setting of the sun would meet. It is expected that the temperature and humudity will still be high but this will be compensated with winds/breeze coming from the mountains and the rice fields. Runners would have a chance and expect to see the sunset on the horizon while running which in contrast with the usual morning road races that we join in Metro Manila. 

5) Registration Fee is Cheap!—As compared to the other Marathon Races, this race is very cheap and the singlet that goes with it is nice and of good quality. This is one of the few Marathon Races where you can have your Race Packet (with singlet) given to you once you submit your registration form.

6) Prizes Are Very Attractive—For the elite and international runners, the prizes at stake are very attractive and SMART has really invested in this Marathon Race for the promotion of long distance running competition in the country. Hopefully, this race will put the Philippines in the map of world’s famous marathon races. This race will also promote Sports Tourism for the country.
7) Race/Event Organizer & Race Director—Without a doubt, the people behind this race are very responsive to suggestion and/or comments from runners. In short, they are considered “professionals” in the world of road racing events. Adi De Los Reyes and his team had been in the sports corporate and events management for years and he had conceptualized a lot of ideas for the running community. Chief Superintendent Samuel Tucay of PNP who just retired few months ago is also a seasoned marathon runner, a friend, will be the Race Director for the said event. Actually, the Subic International Marathon is the “brainchild” of C/Supt Samuel Tucay and he maintained to be the Race Director since last year’s edition.
SMART 2nd Subic International Marathon Poster
SMART 2nd Subic International Marathon Poster
8) Advocacy of the Event—While C/Supt Samuel Tucay was the Chief of the PNP’s Training and Education Command based in Subic Freeport, he advocated the adherence to running to all PNP personnel who are considered as “scalawags” in the service as they were transformed from “bad eggs” to “good models of policemen” in his Command. C/Supt Tucay was very successful in his program and later adopted such program for the whole PNP and to the different regions. It is through running and adherence to physical activity that anybody could be transformed into a “productive” individual to the community.
9) Dedication to My Bereaved Mom—I joined this Subic International Marathon last year but I was registered for the Half-Marathon as part of my training for the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon. It was January 20, 2008. I will never forget this date as few hours after I finished the race, I got the news from my youngest sister that my Mom died after eating her lunch. She was 82 years old and she died due to cancer. Since then, I made a promise to myself to run the Subic International Marathon annually as a dedication and tribute to my Mom.
10) My Picture On My Blog’s Title—Yes, that picture on top in my blog’s Home Page Title was taken while I was running the 1st Subic International Marathon. I never changed my Blog’s Presentation/Theme with the said picture for the past year & months. So, every time I see my blog, the Subic International Marathon is always recalled and remembered. By the way, I don’t intend to change the Presentation/Theme & such picture on the title of this blog and that is what I call “Consistency”!
And lastly, I am a loyal subscriber of SMART since 2000 and I never changed my cellphone number!!! That’s another example of “Consistency”!
Good Luck on your training and See you at the Starting Line! 
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31 thoughts on “SMART Subic International Marathon ’09

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  2. therunningninja

    I will join this race as well! After a disastrous milo marathon debut (where I pooped twice and vomitted big time) and ended with an embarassing 6:30+ hours finish time, this marathon will be my revenge marathon comeback. All my trainings are aimed for this race alone…it will be the day of reckoning come Smart Subic marathon day.

    ..the day I’ve been waiting for.


  3. runnerforchrist

    Sorry to hear about your mom, I can relate because my mom died too due to complication of cancer (and she died in my arms)…I agree with all of your insights regarding this race. While your number is 888, I’ll be wearing 777.

    Let’s run smart, so as not to spoil our day.

    God bless.


    1. kingofpots adi told you that i got that race number already. you have a nice race number, too! that’s the favorite number of former president marcos!


  4. highaltitude

    I understand that you were in subic last year too for the same event. I was there doing my first full marathon. Although this is a different route but still a new experience running in there.

    I might run and be a pacer for the second half marathon with Team Hardcore.


      1. Maxrunner

        what Jerry is trying to say albeit subtly is that he is going to run as a “bandit” with the cover of running as a pacer for the second half with Team HC, hahaha =)


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  6. vvinceth

    im going to miss this event in favor of TNF SG… hopefully next year they still have the same end to end start finish..
    sir Jovie re The North Star race, meron po ba sila race this Dec?


    1. kingofpots

      the North Star had discontinued since 2002 because of lack of sponsors. however, i have plans of reviving the said race next year and it will be called Paoay Lake 10K Run.


  7. greencursor

    nice route for a marathon. however, i am not yet ready to go the full distance. will concentrate first on half marys. maybe next year if God allows. best of luck to you and to your team members.


    1. kingofpots

      nestor, i think SMART has already committed to sustain its support to the Subic International Marathon. there are more marathons to come and this one has a special place in my heart.


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  9. Tin

    BR, this will be my goal for next year 🙂 definitely not ready for full distance yet and have an event on that weekend (excuses)…meantime, need to follow coach titus’ trainings. (and not be absent). Beating my PRs though since I joined your team’s speed trainings…(cross fingers for my 2nd 21k at NB)

    nice post, makes me regret why i didn’t train earlier. hehe


    1. kingofpots

      tin, don’t worry and no need to hurry for your 1st full marathon experience. more marathons will be held next year! good luck on your training..remember these two words—patience and consistency!


  10. The course is PR-friendly. While it is a downhill course, there might be gusty wind coming from all angles as it is an open field. This is our experience during SCTEX 42K. Let’s hope for a backwind then = faster pace = faster time. A headwind can slow us down and when setting a PR or qualifying for other race, every second counts.

    See you all there!


    1. kingofpots

      he must be your relative because c/supt tucay’s grandparents are from san jacinto, pangasinan. his father is from bani, pangasinan but he grew up in nueva vizcaya. he is an ilocano-pangasinense.


  11. I agree with all the reasons, and coincidently, these are my reasons why I’m making this my first full marathon! All asphalt, sun down, clean air, no traffic, and great scenery, I feel this is the right time for my to push myself beyond my personal limits. Since this is my first, I’m targetting to finish.

    See you all there!


  12. We checked the route yesterday and it is 80-85% or 33-35 kilometers downhill. Our fellow runners should train accordingly by incorporating downhill running during training to strengthen the quads. 35k of downhill should not be taken lightly as it reportedly turns legs into marshmallow. FYI.


  13. runabbyrun68

    hi sir! im planing in all the way from cebu just to run my first full in subic,
    after reading your blog, i feel like i made the right decision in making this my first time.
    see you at the run!



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