Duncan: A Typical Young Runner

After I participated in this morning’s BOTAK 10-Mile Run at UP Diliman Campus, I stayed at the Campus for another 8-kilometer slow run and then waited for the start of the 1-Mile Street Run. I did not join the 1-Mile Street Run but I cheered for the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner who joined this event.

When the Kid’s/Youth’s Wave started, I positioned myself on the last 20 meters before the Finish Line with a good view of the runners approaching and watch their facial expressions on the last sprint towards the Finish Line. This wave was won by a 12-year old kid whose name is Duncan who registered a finish time of 4:36 minutes for the 1-Mile Street Run.

As he passed on my position towards the Finish Line, I observed his running shoes. I was shocked to see his shoes!

Let the following pictures describe what I’ve seen which broke my heart for this young runner who has the potentials of being a future “Olympic” athlete…

His shoes was wrapped with Masking Tape!!!
His right shoe was wrapped with Masking Tape!!!
His Shoes Are Torn on The Sides!
His Shoes Are Torn on The Sides!
This is Duncan, A Future Olympian
This is Duncan, A Future Olympian

If you want to help Duncan, please leave your Comment. His running shoes size is 7.

13 thoughts on “Duncan: A Typical Young Runner

    • please buy him a running shoes for his training, size 7. i can accept your donation at ULTRA this tuesday afternoon and hope to bring the kid with his father. thanks!


  1. 4:36 mile at 12 years old. I believe he is exceptionally talented. Good enough to win the UAAP high school division 1,500 meter run. He should also make it to the Palarong Pambansa finals with his ability.

    I am truly happy that Botak has given him a chance to shine. I am also happy you are taking him under the Bald Runner team and help him develop his potential. I believe he can easily get a high school scholarship with his running talent.

    We should have more high school and grade school competition to find and develop talent at the grassroots level.

    Regards Mark


    • i heard from his father that he is already under a scholarship pogram. in a few weeks, i will come out with a youth 2-mile run (12-18 yrs old) to discover more younger talents and hopefully, with the help of corporate sponsors, we could target provinces/regions where potential natural endurance runners are located.


      • This is really a very commendable effort Jovie-san. While I laud foreign (or half Filipino) athletes who compete for the Philippine flag, it’s very inspiring to hear about developing our own talents in our own country. All the best in this undertaking!


  2. Baldrunner

    A brilliant post – this is where some of the funding coming into the sport from its resurgence needs to be targeted. I looked up my country’s stats – we have the English Schools Athletics Assoiciation. For Duncans Age Group (juniors age 12-14) at our National Schools Championship which was televised and held in an international std stadium, the 2009 1500m final was won in 4.07 equivalent to 4.26 (1mile) where Duncan would have made the final on his time above – a brilliant achievement given the surface, shoes, heat and his age

    Regards Mark (Robbo UK)


  3. “Adversity makes men, prosperity makes monsters.”

    In my own opinion, This young boy out of needs (shoes, money etc) became an elite runner, and this eventually worked our for his benefit. If he was born rich, it can be a different story. I salute those men and women who have the desires to help this young and poor kid, especially this site for publishing such story. I’m so touched and inspired.

    God bless!


    • ronnie, i found out that this boy is from sta rosa, laguna. i have yet to contact his father. and i am still waiting for the commitment of those who want to help this boy. on my side, a slightly used newton shoes is waiting for him. thanks!


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