Comment From Brian Stark

Hereunder is the comment from Brian Stark, the Ultra Trail Runner Across America, from my post about his book and experience in running along the trails across America:

Dear Jovie,

Thank you so much for your kind words and promotion of my story. Many times during that run and even still today, I feel that I was just a messenger for hundreds of strangers to connect and the message is still being delivered today, thanks to you.

Best Wishes and Many Happy Runs,

Brian Stark

The message of Brian Stark is very clear. If you want to endeavor yourself to an event which is worth being known by others and if it is an extraordinary feat for an ordinary individual, you have to document it so that others would be inspired to challenge themselves to do the same. If the reader has no intention of doing the same activity, at least, it would be known that the human body can have the capability to endure pain and fatigue and slowly can adapt to whatever stress being introduced to the body, thus, making one’s body stronger.

In this age of high-technology/Internet and in the advent of “real-time” webcasts & social networking platforms, one’s activity can be known anywhere in the world in a split of a second!

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