Marathon Run @ BOTAK Paa-bilisan

Due to the hot temperature and humidity in the country, a Marathon Race is usually held during the months of December, January, or February due to the cooler temperature during these months. For this year, there were no scheduled marathon races during the 1st Quarter. But BOTAK came up with a Marathon Race during the month of May which is considered as within the Summer Months of the year. It is expected that the average temperature within this month would be hotter and more challenging to the runners. I really don’t know why the race organizer would schedule such a marathon race during the hotter months of the year.

Anyway, since I am a “sucker” and a “hardcore” on long distance run adventures, I registered for this race. I might be considered as “crazy” if I mention the reasons why I am going to run this race after 35 days from my participation in the 1st Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race.  

My Race Bib
My Race Bib


I don’t expect to have a PR on this marathon race. I will consider this marathon as a long steady distance (LSD) run with an average pace of 5:00-3:30 minutes per kilometer. It will be nice and fun to be running with the other “hardcores” and the Bataan 102 Ultramarathoners.
Running a marathon distance is hard and challenging with the hot temperature that is prevailing during the month of May. However, depending on one’s experience, training & preparation, and race strategy, finishing a marathon could be an easy or hard running experience. It is a humbling experience when you encounter some “issues” during the race and at the same time a fulfilling accomplishment if you finish the race without any problems or injuries.
As a word of advice to those runners this Sunday’s marathon race, don’t believe in the “wall” as long as you hydrate, eat your power gels and bars, and stick to your race strategy.
I really do not know the background and past accomplishments of the race organizer of this marathon race but after studying the race route, I could predict some problems during the race like water stations, availability of road marshal to give directions, traffic, presence of kilometer markings and other support requirements to the runners. Anyway, it would be best to have your own support team to “leap-frog” along the route.
To all the “road warriors”, good luck and run strong!

5 thoughts on “Marathon Run @ BOTAK Paa-bilisan

  1. The voice of truth, there is no wall. The “wall” was back in the days when runners ran with nothing but water, these days we would call it “bonking”. Good luck on your run Sir Jovie. Since you know how to prepare for the heat and a well trained runner I’ve no doubt about your ability to finish. I also applaud the guts of the race organizer to organize a long hot race. Sounds like a good event for runners to test their limits.


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  3. therunningninja

    Hi Sir Jovie,

    According to Franco (Botak race contact person), there would be 18water stations along the 42km route. I’ll be running my first 21k tomorrow, hope to see you sir.



  4. runnerforchrist

    Sir, If I’m not mistaken Botak ata ung tinakbuhan natin sa Patakbo sa kabundukan 21k where everything is a complete MESS! Anyway, I do hope they imrove this time.

    I’ll miss this one but I’ll run in a trail tomorrow for the TNF’s preparation. I’ll get the Bandana one of these days during your practice in the Ultra, I’ll visit you there. Thanks for all your inputs, highly appreciated it.
    God bless.


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