Tempo Run In The Rain

Last Wednesday night, I had my running workout at the ULTRA Oval Track. Initially, I planned to have an endurance run for about 15 kilometers with an average pace of  5:30 minutes per kilometer but when I started running, I thought of finally doing a tempo run.

After a brief stretching exercises, I started running, using the farthest lane, Lane #8, of the oval track. My first 2 kilometers (5 laps) registered an average pace of 6:10 minutes per kilometer. After finishing 5 laps, I started to increase my pace, still using Lane 8, for the next 20 laps (8 kilometers) consistently increasing my pace up to 4:52 minutes per kilometer but ended up with an average pace of 5:20 minutes per kilometer.

On my last 2K as cool-down run, it started to rain and most of the runners at the oval took refuge at the shaded bleacher/grandstand. I kept on running as the rain started to keep on getting stronger just to be able to complete my last 5 laps around the oval. Initially, I was alone running at the oval with the strong rain but I found out later that other runners from the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group joined me in running into the rain. It was nice to hear positive comments from them that thei enjoyment of running in the rain. I finished my last 2-Km (5 laps) with an average pace of 6:05 minutes per kilometer.

Instead of doing a 15-km run, I ended doing a 12-km tempo run. I needed to stop because my shoes were becoming heavy and the oval track was already full of water but the other members of Team Bald Runner kept on running into the rain. These are hardcore runners!!! I immediately changed my wet clothes with my dry clothes and did some post-stretching exercises.

Due to running in the rain, my GF 305 was affected and it could not be opened/started for the past two days. It was only this morning that I was able to start it by simultaneously pressing the Lap Button with the other buttons of the watch. My last Wednesday’s night tempo run registered a distance of 12.2 kilometers with an average pace of 5:30 minutes per kilometer.

Yesterday, due to Typhoon Emong’s rains, I opted to rest and have a full body massage.


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