“Goma” & Team Bald Runner

Earlier this month, Richard Gomez, a famous actor in movies, TV, popular product endorser through advertisements, and a sportsman was having his running workout at the ULTRA Oval Track. After his brief workout, we had the chance to greet and talk to him through the efforts of Coach Salazar. I’ve known “Goma” as a Basketball player with other movie stars like Philip Salvador when I was still assigned in the Headquarters Philippine Army. The Philippine Army’s Basketball Team composed of Officers was always engaged in friendly match games with the basketball team of actors at the Phil Army Gymnasium.

As everybody knows, Goma is an athlete and had won medals in Fencing in the National as well as in the Southeast Asian Games. He is also an outstanding golfer who hosts the annual “Goma Golf Cup”. Lately, he is into Baseball. I was surprised to know that he was also a track athlete before as he competed in the sprint events like 100, 200 & 400-meter runs.

I personally told him about the program of Team Bald Runner and our advocacy to promote long distance running in the country. He gave us a word that he will be joining the Team Bald Runner for his training in long distance running. 

Richard Gomez & Team Bald Runner
Richard Gomez & Team Bald Runner

5 thoughts on ““Goma” & Team Bald Runner

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  2. run2dmoon

    I hope meron ding mga female celebs na naglolong run para merong carrot na susundan ang running boys. For sure walang tatakbo ng mabilis kung kasama sa long run si Bianca King or si Cristine Reyes!


  3. greaseboy

    Wow! You’re a celebrity na talaga BR Sir, I”m sure more will join your sessions once they see Goma training with you. Btw, we all know that lane 1 of the track oval is 400m, do you know Sir the exact distances of lanes 2-8? Thanks Sir and hoping for your favorable response.


  4. lonerunner

    Sir Jovie, I agree with Greaseboy dat this will bring more exposure to your advocacy like the donate a shoe… Just like what run2dmoon said sna nga may female celebs din in the future.


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