153 Days: Monday Evening Run & Apology

4 11 2008

6:20 PM 03 November 2008 @ The ULTRA Oval Track

It was dark already when I reached the premises of ULTRA but the whole oval track was bright because of the powerful lights that surround the oval. Coach Rio talked to me as I approached his group of runners. He asked me what is the costume I am planning to wear for the next Halloween Run next year. I immediately replied to him, “I am planning to wear the Batman suit next year!” and congratulated him for winning the Best Costume Award in last Friday’s Halloween Run. Later on during our conversation, I told him about the complaint of one of my runners with Team Bald Runner where one of the race sponsors gave expired Gift Certificates as gift awards to the winners. Coach Rio promised me to contact the race organizer and made sure that the problem will be settled as soon as possible.

Such assurance gave me the peace of mind I need to start my run. After a brief stretching exercises, I started my run with the thought of having an easy run to loosen my leg muscles after I did a 32K “runabout” a day before. What I did was to run 9 laps before taking my “water break” by sipping on my Hydration pack which I usually leave at the side of the track and stopping for about 30-45 seconds. My first 9 laps registered an average pace of 6:10 mins/km. As soon as I finished my “water break”, I had to continue my run with the thought of running another 9 laps before my next “water break”. After finishing 18 laps, I’ve observed that my average pace increased to 5:40 mins/km. However, on my third set of 9 laps, I was able to increase my pace up to 4:45 mins/km for about 3 laps as I was joined/”sandwiched” by two runners in their 20s who were both surprised that I was keeping in pace with them. For the third set of 9 laps, I was able to increase my average pace to 5:20 mins/km. I finished my run with another 4 laps with my last lap as my cool-down jog/run before I started to walk for another lap. My GF 305 registered a distance of 12.76 kilometers with an average pace of 5:25 kms/km.

After running 32 kilometers last Sunday, I could feel that I became stronger and could endure another fast run the following day. So far, I don’t feel any uneasiness with my breathing, never had any colds since last February and any soreness with my legs. My secret for running a day after a 32K easy long run? I discovered that one of my runners with Team Bald Runner had been trained as a masseur during the Project Gintong Alay days and he is the one who is giving me a regular stretching and massage sessions for the past weeks aside from the other runners who are also giving me “personnel-assisted” stretching routine.

After uploading my GF 305 data to my Notebook, I checked on my blog and I was surprised to see a comment and apology from Andy from my post regarding the complaint of one of my runners with Team Bald Runner. Boy, that was a fast reaction from the race organizers and I really appreciate their efforts to make a reply and make some explanation about the situation, immediately after I posted my story. All is well and I instructed the Coach of my runners to coordinate with the race sponsors for the extension of expiry date for the awarded Gift Certificates.

Just the same, I haven’t changed my decision to join the next Halloween Run with a “Batman” suit or as Professor X of X-Men on a battery-operated wheel chair!!!



3 responses

4 11 2008

I vote for professor xavier! Better yet, you can be a jedi as well. : )

5 11 2008

Howdy Bald runner.
30k man thats fantastic. whats more amazing is your running on the track. thats like a gerbil on a wheel. preparing for any race?
thanks man


6 11 2008

yeah, i vote for prof x as well… though the jedi – mace windu, would be more practical as you could actually run instead of just sitting on a wheelchair. 🙂 you could also be the “hitman,” though i dont think running 5k in a suit would be confortable… hehe. 🙂

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