201 1/2 Days: 16K @ The Fort

6:00 PM 15 September 2008 @ Fort Bonifacio & The Fort

Yesterday, at 6:00PM, I did 16K run along Lawton Avenue and along the outer streets of The Fort up to the old Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio and back to the main streets of The Fort. I finished my last 4 kilometers running along the Bonifacio High Street (BHS) Loop. I was able to join other runners in the said loop. I was happy to see more runners this time doing their practice runs in the said loop, most especially during nighttime.

I started to have some conversation with a guy (mid/late 20s) who tried to overtook me but I was able to keep up with his pace but when he started answering my questions, he just peeled off and took another route in one of the cross streets of BHS. I later found him looking tired after few minutes and could not keep up with my pace when I passed him. I later found out that he is preparing for a duathlon race this coming October.

Before I left the BHS loop, I was able to talk to two runners, one was within my age group and the other one is in his late 30s, who was doing their cool-down stretching exercises. I found out that they are training for sprint triathlon and duathlon. We had some conversation about running and triathlon.

These runners didn’t know that I am the Bald Runner. I left them and did my stretching exercises at the parking lot.

Thefollowing were the data taken from my GF 305:

Distance—16.17 km                Time—1:40:41 hours

Average Pace—6:13 mins/km           Average Speed—9.6 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—13.1 kms/hr        Total Calories—1,190 cal

Average HR—157 bpm                      Maximum HR—170 bpm

Total Ascent—547 meters                Total Descent—537 meters

This was an easy long run just to adapt myself to the prevailing warm temperature. My shoes and socks were all wet with my sweat which I never experienced in my runs in California.

It is nice to be back in Manila.

10 thoughts on “201 1/2 Days: 16K @ The Fort

  1. markfb

    Hi Br,

    Welcome back! I just visited your site now, havent been able to run and check the blogs as well. I have to train and compete in a marathon so I can join your event next year. Im going to singapore for sure, maybe just target a 4 to 4:15 finish.


  2. kingofpots

    runmd, jinoe, prom, loony, schlagger, datc & junc, thanks! hope to see you soon.

    markfb, thanks! i really missed you comments. you seem so very busy this time. you have enough time to run your first marathon before the bataan ultra. i suggest you can run along the BHS loop during nighttime and you can extend your route along the lighted streets at The Fort. it is safe there. good luck on your marathon training. you can also run at the ULTRA oval track during nighttime. i was there last night with so many runners and running coaches. good luck on your marathon training. review your book, the lore of running and it will be helpful on your 1st marathon run. good luck & see you soon!


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